A heartful thank you to the Netherlands!


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Paris Nuit Blanche

We exhibited Scandal Aqua, our 2013 collection at the town hall of the 2nd arondissement of Paris, as part of Nuit Blanche. This collection is a visual scenario inspired by the latest political sex scandals, it expresses the mediatization and tabloidization of politics.
The town hall of Paris (la Mairie), with its political context and the church wall in its courtyard where the teenager girls were projected, was absolutely the best exhibition place for Scandal Aqua. You can find more information concerning the collection here.










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Rap Game Picasso

Following the artworks series we make for the NYC based magazine BULLETT, we lately illustrated the interview of rapper Riff Raff.

We were inspired by his biggest dream of swimming in a spaghetti meatball. We dared ourselves to make a surface that even Riff Raff would look minimalist next to his version of Pinar&Viola. He called it Rap Game Picasso, the ultimate work title given to us so far.


Screen Shot 2013-07-20 at 1.17.39 AM

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Diplo got the first Pinar&Viola tattoo

Diplo got a tattoo designed by us. A K&L on his arm, showing his devotion to his son and the woman of his life. The font we used for it is actually the one we sign our work with. This is the first time we it for something else than our own signature.
He said he moved his arm too much, that’s why the white spots occurred in the design.

Screen Shot 2013-05-03 at 3.17.04 PM


Screen Shot 2013-05-03 at 3.15.34 PM


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We have a fresh ’n tight new website: WWW.PINAR-VIOLA.COM

The site is built by the great Ingo Valente!



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P&V 4 Glamcult

For the Dutch Independent Style Paper Glamcult, for their big fashion issue of March, we made a print-extravaganza editorial with photographer Duy Vo and stylist Lisa Anne Stuyfzand. We made the models emerge in our ecstatic patterns. The March issue features also an interview with us.

Glamcult is free and is available in The Netherlands and Belgium.






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In our 2nd column @ DazedDigital we wonder about sneakerslaves, a very particular sort of shoe fetishism; men that are licking and sniffing high tech sportswear in the dark corners of the internet.


Extraordinary fanatical identities, lifestyle desires and corrupted commodities are some of our biggest inspirations. As artist and designers we’re always attracted by cultural excesses. That’s where the beauty and the horror of present time shines out in it’s optimum. This time we found beauty behind the hidden doors of the booming world of sneakers, one of the lasting veteran icons of American consumer culture.

When I meet an attractive boy, his shoes are the first thing I look at. We all know that you can tell so much about a person by what they wear on their feet. Apparently I’m not the only one. Shoes carry sexual connotations in mainstream culture. There is nothing scandalous about stilettos being marketed as sexy.High heels are a widely accepted vanilla expression of shoe fetishism.

Yet the persuasive power of sports footwear has caused the rise of darkrooms within sneaker culture. In the dark zones of the sneaker cult, fanatics enjoy intimacy with stylish kicks on their feet and in their mouth. The iconoclastic twist of a sneakerhead making love to his sneaker could be the ultimate case of a shopper and a product becoming one, surrendered in manic mutual adoration.

We were introduced to the term sneakerslaves via a friend. After a little bit of XX-browsing we found the Tumblrs Sneaker Fetish, Sk8terboy and a Dutch sneaker fetish wikipedia page. The page informs us that most trainer fetishists, gay men and straight men, are based in France, Germany, Belgium and The Netherlands. Common forms of sneaker fetishism are worshipping, licking and sniffing sneakers. Shoeslaves also swap each other’s sneakers, or eat food out of their kicks.

These fetishists provide images that make our hearts beat faster. For once the bad boys – always dressed to kill – aren’t depicted in the expected realm of a street fight, a shady strip club, or in a sweaty six-pack workout scenario. In these counter-glamour images of tough boys showing their soft side, while sensually sniffing their pricey sneakers with attention and adoration.

These boys show that shoe fetishism goes beyond thigh-length leather boots, killer heels and kinky combat boots. A special place in this list is taken by our daily hot kicks, the training shoe. Thanks to the mixture of pop culture, nostalgia, strong brand-creation, high tech designs and constant launch of new models, the sneaker reached a popularity that crossed all the lines of race and economic classes. A niche of consumers turned into sneakerheads, and a niche of sneakerheads turned into sneakerslaves.

The affection of urban youth for their sneakers is one of true love. One of the reasons they love their kicks so much is that the footwear embodies cultural and personal transcendence. The right pair of sneakers associates the wearer with extraordinary athletic accomplishments while exclusive special editions seem to have the power to establish an identity in a world where all the same things seem to be available everywhere. Rare models encourage the sneaker freaks to compete with each other. The shoes seem worth the investment. They have the ability to retain or increase in value despite being used. Actually, many sneakerheads don’t mind rocking some classics that look a little worn-in. This kind of tolerance and compassion for a pair of shoes can flame up to an extreme. The look, the feel and the smell of brand new and/or worn sneakers, can cause an adoration that blurs out the line between sneaker freaks and sneaker fetishists.













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*Latest work* Holy Courtney Stodden

For the December issue, BULLETT Magazine interviewed sensational Courtney Stodden and her mother. We made the artwork illustrating the article. A year ago Courtney made the headlines with marrying Doug Hutchison at the age of 17. She is quite loud about her religious beliefs, putting an emphasis on God being her only plastic surgeon. While respecting her Christian beliefs (in glitter) we played with her teenager meets woman, playboy looks meets church aesthetics, coming together with her infamous prune lips and her fashion.

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Brenmar’s latest release BF/GF

New York-based producer and DJ Brenmar creates his bassy trademark sound by mixing up house music with R&B and hip hop, clearly drawing on his influences from growing up in Chicago during the 90s – yesterday Dazed Digital premiered his brand new track “BF/GF”, with the album artwork we designed and our online love message service, 4eva. The very talented Brenmar wanted us to hand tailor an haute fashion cover for him. We offered him a cyclopean ghetto gold-ruby diamond wrapped in a Cartier à la Pinar&Viola jewel Box. The song is now the over and over of the studio. You can download it here.

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Pattern we made for This is Chorus

This pattern we made for This is Chrous is inspired by skeuomorphs, which are visual information appendixes. Please see the blogpost we made a year ago investigating examples of it.
This is Chrous is a freshly debuting Fashion brand from Melbourne, Australia. They express that their agency lies in the ‘inbetween’, both that moment of contradiction when serious bursts with humour, and the instant old becomes new.
Please visit their page for more information and for further inquiries and orders please contact Cassandra Wheat.

For the ones who follow us in instagram (pinar_and_viola), as soon as we receive the garments, we’ll put self-mirror shots covered in the pattern we designed. : )

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P&V 4 Adidas

We recently made a Adididas post, under the category, Research where we gathered bootleg version of the trefoil logo. The research was meant for a project we were hand crafting for Adidas. When they asked us to make a pattern, we took the chance to make a Ghetto-glam-didas version of the brand. Please look closer to the ecstatic pattern.

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We have a new monthly Dazed Digital column

Our dear friends in Dazed invited us to be a guest contributors to their blog. From November on, we’ll have a monthly post about digital folk. As our first, we present you Turkey’s anti-evolutionist showgirls. An Islamist fringes wraps its hard anti-Darwin message in skin-tight Versace, drag-queen make-up and po-mo posing.

For November, we briefly present a female creationist ensemble from Turkey. These girls have proven that Islam, sexual objectification, passion, belief, tabloidization, manipulation, anti-Darwin and Versace can come together. Five Turkish bombshells, they are often referred as the girls, angels or kitten of Adnan Oktar, a self-taught Islamic preacher who gained respect for his fervent Creationist teachings. He presents his beliefs as a reformed and urbanized versions of Islam, where he clearly states Muslims, Christians and Jews should unite against the corrupting influence of Darwinism. He is also the author of the books Atlas of Creation Quadriology, an anti-evolution, Islamic-saga bouillabaisse. It displays a stunning ignorance of basic biology, and 6 legged humans skeleton visualizations are among the arguments that are employed to contradict Darwin.

This fabulous five consists of Gülşah Güçyetmez, Ceylan Özbudak, Ebru Altan, Damla Pamir and Aylin Kocaman. They are the bewildering accessories of the TV Show Adnan Oktar Chat Time at the religious channel A9. Every night these blazing women come together with the Islamic Creation packmaster Mr. Oktar. They hold discussions about Islam, pseudo-insta-fossils discrediting evolution and their favorite topic: Mr. Oktar.

This surreal set-up might be hard to grasp for a non-Turkish person. (One half of Pinar&Viola is Turkish). These woman contradict the terrorized image of Muslims used in the global press, while going completely against all the hardwork feminist activists have been battling over the years. While the restrictive state of Turkish journalism grows into a national shame, scandal and sensation still makes up a huge part of the Turkish media. Five voluptuous ladies with a combination of Zentai-tight, now-in-style Versace garments and make-up capable of making drag queens jealous, rubbing shoulders with religious sisterhood, and many references to history’s matriarchs.

These five women state they behave following the ethics of Kur’an, where it’s written the ones Allah guides look alike, as a reaction to questions regarding their similar looks. All of these girls have their own individual social media stardoms where they make loud manifestations adding to their media attention.

It’s not the first time that sensationalism, lies and cheap entertainment have been used to boost the ratings of a TV program, especially not in Turkey. That’s why the educated, intellectual, secular part of the Turkish population became completely immune to this first-degree propaganda. Their solution is simple, and troublesome – make fun of it.

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