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Pinar&Viola for Adidas backstage

Hi everyone! We are hired by Adidas for a secret project, involving Pinar&Viola, their image and future!!!!! Can’t reveal anything till November, but until then we show you some backstage photography of us two in their headquarters in Germany. xxx


IMG_1512 IMG_1533 IMG_8567

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Fab Muslim Yogini

Meet Marisa Paryasto, yogini/programmer and ownder of the Instramgram account CryptocodeCG. These are the words she used to introduce herself on her Instagram:

odd / encrypted / electrical eng / asymmetric / jazz / selftaught-yogini / a glitch / rebel antidote / procodecg / yogacg / scarrymo / captain of a spaceship

Yhea.. What to add to that?? Ok… just some background information of some fabulous things she does:

Marisa lives in West Java, Indonesia.  Besides the self-initiated yoga classes she gives, she created ProCodeCG, a programming community that organize workshops in order to introduce to children all the basic knowledge to start programming.  Marisa describes her yoga practice as “Freestyle and a little bit rebel but inspired by Ashtanga Vinyasa”. Check out the selection we made of her freestyle powerrrr:

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P&V prints 4 Koché

Here you see the prints we made for Paris fashion house Koché. The collection was presented during Paris Fashion Week Spring Summer 2016. All the prints are made by us from scratch, every denim hole and piece of sequin is digitally placed piece by piece, creating a true work of digital craftsmanship. Afterwards, the prints were decorated with real pieces of sequin, lace and other couture ornamentation as a three-dimensional extension of the images we designed. This is where digital and craftsman couture collide, giving birth to post-digital couture, a symbiotic life form. You can access the full review and the rest of the collection from here. Click here for an interview with Christelle Kocher (the designer/creative director of the house) and Interview Magazine.

1 2 3 4 5 6 10 11 12

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Have Sex, Save the World!!!
Changing reality with love & sexuality:

Fuck for forest is a non-profit, environmental organization that raises funds to rescue forests through the sales of paid memberships to their world’s first Eco-Porn website. Amongst other sexy events they organize Environmental Live Sex Shows. They strive to use the money earned from the porn industry to invest it into good causes such as rainforest rescue, indigenous protection and creation of climax refugees forest. The organisation has collected over €245 000 since its launching in 2004. Michal Marczak made a Film about them. Few others smaller initiatives with the same ideology exists, for example Veg Porn.












This blog post is made possible by the beautiful Jasper Griepink.

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Future Mountains is a porcelain tile collection designed by Pinar&Viola for Seranit.

For the first time in the ceramics and porcelain sector, Seranit, a leader in the industrial porcelain collaborates with an artist. Future Mountains puts an emphasis on the progression of our digital era. We selected 10 natural stones and marbles quarried in Turkey and embellished them with their highly aesthetic digital touch. In this way, we created a collection which celebrates the marriage of technology and nature, while making the beholder travel in different worlds when they are surrounded with the tiles.

“A marble is true a creation of mother nature, and nothing can replace its grandeur. However, in our times, by staying true to the progression of digital technology, we created exquisite porcelain tiles which bare the power of nature and technology in the same time.” – Pınar&Viola

You can download the catalog of this collection here






















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Mother Earth in Paris & MTV Ident

Pinar&Viola – Mother Earth in Paris from Pinar&Viola on Vimeo.

Pinar&Viola – MTV IDENT – Mother Earth, Who Are You from Pinar&Viola on Vimeo.

As part of ArtCOP21, the art events surrounding the ecology summit COP21, our installation Mother Earth in Paris was shown in Gleichapel Gallery in Marais. The exhibition features an installation that unveils revamped, contemporary, environmentalist messages of peace.

Through a video installation, Mother Earth reveals her grace and wisdom on a screen surrounded by prints having elements varying from Voynich Manuscript, root vegetables, peace banners, BC cave drawings of astral travels and liquid and sensual Mother Earth. With this eclectic choice of imagery, we show that the more we are driven by technology, the more we strive for knowledge and for the recognition of the sacredness of nature.

As we recently pledged in our Artist Statement, we’ll be devoting our work in creating highly aesthetic, charismatic activisms which will offer irresistible invitations for a more truthful and humane future. Mother in Paris is the first work we created after this altruistic pledge. Hereby the thorough interview we gave to Dazed about Mother Earth.

Later on, for MTV, as their ident, we created special extracts of our Mother Earth in Paris video, with custom wisdom quotes given by the Mother Goddess, where the Mother Earth catches your gaze and asks you “Who are you when no body is watching you”.












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Kawaii Islam #muslimmanga





























Most of the images come from The Goal of Muslim Manga is to shed light on Muslims through the form of manga: “We think that this is an effective way to attract the attention of our own young Muslim brothers and sisters so they have more pride and confidence in their religion through seeing main characters and individuals who share the same belief as them. This form of story telling is also a good way to attract non-Muslims and give them a better representation of who Muslims are and what we are like”.

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KILLER INTERNNNN where are you? We, Pinar&Viola studio, is looking for the best design intern to work with us in our studio in Paris. We care & We pay
If you know anyone thank you for passing the word


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Let yourself get hit by the love arrow of Pinar&Viola

A special Valentines day gift from us for yooouuuuu!!

This is how it works:

1) Save the LOVE background below

2) Open Photo Booth

3) Click on ‘Effects’

4) Click on the right arrow until you arrive at the ‘User Backdrop’ menu 

5) Drag our jpg file into one of the ‘User Backdrop’ options

6) Pose, click and spread the love! 


Viola_valentine Saskia_Valentineemilie-valentine



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Let Love Rule

#IntergalacticPride – A peak into the daily life of Liara & Jane <3

A sweet and crispy visual inspiration for the importance of freedom of choice in order to find real love.

Images by N7-CMDR


Liara_n_Jane01 Liara_n_Jane02 Liara_n_Jane03 Liara_n_Jane04 Liara_n_Jane05 Liara_n_Jane06 Liara_n_Jane07 Liara_n_Jane08 Liara_n_Jane09 Liara_n_Jane10 Liara_n_Jane11 Liara_n_Jane12 Liara_n_Jane13 Liara_n_Jane14 Liara_n_Jane15 Liara_n_Jane16 Liara_n_Jane17 Liara_n_Jane18 Liara_n_Jane19 Liara_n_Jane20 Liara_n_Jane21 Liara_n_Jane22 Liara_n_Jane23 Liara_n_Jane24 Liara_n_Jane25 Liara_n_Jane26 Liara_n_Jane27

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Pinar&Viola is hiring

Happy new year and happy new beginnings!!! 💘

As Pinar&Viola, we have some news
We are hiring  📌
1. A creative project manager 
2. A mega intern

In 2016, we are expanding our studio in Paris and that is why we are looking to hire a creative project manager. CPM of Pinar&Viola, it sound more corporate when we brand it with caps, right? : ) And someone else to be our mega intern

Or a friend of you?

For the project manager, we are searching for someone who is a bit maybe more serious than us but loves to have equally fun. Someone who is very good in English and French so than he/she can help us reply with emails, applications, preparations to lectures, workshops and running the studio. This does not have to be full time. Part time, like 3 days a week, but full time is also an option.
We say creative project manager, because we want to work with someone who is witty in mind, to be able to write the way we create. Decadent and generous while being relevant yet cutting edge.

And as for the mega intern, please feel free to fill in the definition of mega by expanding your own imagination. Fun, fatale and needless to say a very good designer… Someone who would like to be the 3rd Pinar&Viola in design, to be able to make our sketches come alive, but also assist us with his/her execution input from different programs, like 3d, video, programming or any other geeking away qualities.
French speaking could be awesome but not necessary, we highly appreciate when people come from overseas as well.
Our studio is located right across centre Pompidou in Paris.

Thanks for sharing
Hugs, Pinar&Viola

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