Sportive & Unisexy

Humor is the best excuse for men to travesty themselves without any taboo nor shame. This new trend shows how easy it can be to dress original. It only takes two steps to turn your sport clothes into a dress. This is some comical, gender-free, fashion inspiration for everyone:










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Buzzing Rare Editions

Everyone knows about the contemporary bee drama. The media is speculating frenzy about collapsing bee colonies and their increasing extermination. Apparently it concerns all of us since bees are responsible for pollinating a third of our food.

Societal concerns about bees seem to lead to the rise of the bee as a cultural trend. The little buzzers is popping up everywhere from new beauty products, home decoration trends, aerodynamic beehive designs, fashion styles, hippie ice-cream flavors to the rage of hot urban beekeepers.

Our addition to the bee buzz is this tip to turn a Bee Beard in an exclusive, fashionable eccentric look. When bees are scarce, they can dethrone the most luxurious accessories. Scroll down to Get The Look. Stir up the flora in your town while looking stunning!








Step 1) Prepare the bees. We find a small, friendly colony and move it during a high flight time to a different apiary site. The foragers cannot find their way to the colony and the colony is left with primarily younger bees. After about 24 hours, we locate the queen and put her in a cage. Next, we shake about 3 lbs of bees from the colony into a package, focusing on the bees from combs with brood.  Then we add the queen, feed the bees with a can of sugar syrup, and put them in a cool, dark location for at least 24 hours. We spray the bees periodically with sugar syrup. Well fed bees are less likely to sting, so we keep them fat and happy.
Step 2) Prepare the person. I put vaseline under my eyes and on lips to prevent the bees from crawling there too much. I put cotton in my ears and up my nose to prevent bees from crawling in. I sometimes tape down my collar and sleeves, and tuck my shirt into my pants and tuck my pants into my socks. It isn’t a good look, but it prevents the bees from getting into my clothing.
Step 3) Add bees. We spray the bees with sugar syrup one last time, then open the package and remove the queen and attach a string to her cage. I sit down in a chair, then an assistant ties the queen around my head, so the queen rests under my chin. I hold a lunch tray against my belly and my assistant dumps the bees onto the tray. The bees will smell the queen, crawl up to her and gather there. The bee feet feel strange and electric as they grip the skin on my face and neck. The cling to each other and hang down like a beard. The bees will “think” they are in a swarm, so they should not be defensive.
Step 4) Remove bees. When I am are ready to get them off, I first remove the queen and place her where I want her to be: either back in the package, or on the next person in line. To remove the majority of the bees, I stand over where I want to bees to go and jump down hard, jarring the bees off. The rest are removed with a soft brush. I let the package sit for a few hours, and after the bees have fully gathered I put the bees and queen back into their old colony.

The original tutorial is taken from

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Gothic belly dance











These images are taken from the gothic_belly_dance instagram account.

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♥Fab Pink Allies♥ Outfit inspiration

In the streets of Amsterdam, during Gay Pride 2013, we photographed these fabulous lady-like allies. They’re dressed with style in ton sur ton pink. While we recovered from the pride, we digitally crafted with some photo apps, the ladies’ outfits for Gay Pride 2014. We can’t wait for next year!

gaypride_01 gaypride_02 gaypride_03 gaypride_04

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Virgin Branson cosplay wedding

Following Sir Richard Branson’s son Sam and Isabella Branson’s engagement party in South Africa as a gold lion and lioness, the happy couple has chosen the ‘Enchanted Forest’ theme for their wedding party. Prangsta, a costumier in London has dressed the golden list of guests like Prince Harry as a Ginger Fox, Princess Eugenie as a fairy, Sir Richard Branson as Robin Hood and Prangsta stalwart Rob da Bank as a bumblebee. No wonder Hello Magazine  declared on their front cover, the ‘Fancy Dress Party of the Year’!

enchanted-forest-wedding-1 enchanted-forest-wedding-2 enchanted-forest-wedding-3 enchanted-forest-wedding-4 enchanted-forest-wedding-5 enchanted-forest-wedding-6 enchanted-forest-wedding-7 enchanted-forest-wedding-8 enchanted-forest-wedding-9 enchanted-forest-wedding-11 enchanted-forest-wedding-12 enchanted-forest-wedding-10 enchanted-forest-wedding-13

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MaryMe-JimmyPaul @ AFW

Our dearest fashion designers MaryMe-JimmyPaul will open the Amsterdam Fashion Week tomorrow night (the 12th of July at 9 PM). We designed the catwalk of this marvelous show. We can tell you that it will be a grandiose interactive spectacle filled with MaryMe-JimmyPaul’s sculptural fashion fantasies. The show can be followed live via the AFW website or by downloading the AFW App.

We can’t wait for tomorrow! Good luck Marie and Jimmy with your last preparations!!!  <3



Hereby a selection of images of MMJP’s previous collections:












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Donald ♥ Nancy Couple Fashion

Donald and Nancy Featherstone from Fitchburg, Massachusetts has been dressing in matching outfits everyday for 33 years! Donald made his fortune by inventing the infamous plastic pink flamingo lawn ornament. They met at a convention in 1975, got married, and have been wearing matching outfits since 1980. Nancy would pick out prints that reminds her of her husband’s pink flamingo and make shirts for Donald and cut from the same cloth to make a dress for herself.













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Most Delightfully Narcissistic Man on Facebook

Meet the most Narcissistic man on facebook, Ahmed Angel. His facebook profile is filled with hundreds of pictures of just himself, all of which has been taken professionally, decorated with funny photo frames, crazy photo effects or realistic photomontages. Let’s enjoy the fun-filled well curated photo gallery of Ahmed Angel!






























This blogpost is made possible thanks to Mimi Cracr. Original article from Kotaku.

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Kim vs Marina

Besides the fact that Kim Kardashian is a walking billboard for Kanye’s high-fashion fantasy, she’s also a spitting image of Marina Abramović. Like the Serbian performance artist, Kim now wears almost no makeup, favors minimalism, and sticks to black and white. See these side-by-side comparisons:








This post comes from Isabel Wilkinson for The Daily Beast.

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Gangster disciples, their Jewish swag and Rick Ross

For the April issue of our column at Dazed & Confused, we put the emerging Jewish symbolism in hip hop and the Rick Ross issue under scope. The question still remains: Did the star of David get rap’s biggest rapper shot?


In the recent months, we have all been entertained with shivers down our spines by the worst kept secret in the rap world, the dispute between Rick Ross and the Chicago-based gang the Gangster Disciples. On October 29th, GD released a YouTube threat for Rick Ross, concerning the Star of David on his mixtape. After that, on 28th January 2013, Mr. Ross crashed his Rolls Royce after another vehicle fired shots at him as he drove home from his birthday party at the famed Miami nightclub LIV. As expected, this shooting alluded to Hebrew-fanatic gang Gangster Disciples, flaunting their sense of humour by shooting him on his birthday. On the other hand, according to reports allegedly “dozens” of rounds were fired at Ross’s car in the drive-by which made 50 Cent speculate that Rick Ross staged his own shooting. Meanwhile, we were bewildered by this Jewish swag which has been the centre of this gangster gossip.


Hip hop and occult visual imagery is like caviar and vodka: a classic. Especially the speculative masonic Illuminati looks of our favourite Givenchy boys, Jay-Z & Mr. West. Writing an opinion about a subject which is a combination of Jewish symbolism, street gangs, African-Americans and hip hop, while not having a background in any of them and getting away with it is not easy, but the question remains… Why on earth would a street gang associate itself with Judaism? And why is the Star of David the go-to rap symbol of choice?

Folk Nation is an alliance of street gangs based in Chicago and Gangster Disciples is its strongest sub-gang – also one of the most violent gangs in the USA. It is estimated to have over 600,000 members worldwide. The gang uses the Star of David, a pitchfork, 360, GD (their initials) and number 74 (the places of their initials G and D in the alphabet) as their symbol and they are known for carrying a black flag (bandana). Allegedly, the Star of David in the GD pays respect to David ‘King David’ Barksdale who was the original leader of multiple Folk Nation gangs among Gangster Disciples. The letters on the points of the star stand for Love, Life, Loyalty, Understanding, Knowledge and Wisdom.



The video that Gangster Disciples uploaded on Youtube showing their feelings towards Rick Ross about the Star of David on the cover of his mixtape, The Black Bar Mitzvah, has a history. It has been said that Rick Ross disrespected GD for dropping the name of their leader Larry Hoover in the song “B.M.F.” as a street swag booster which made him millions, as well as for using the Star of David (which is the gang’s major symbol) on the cover of his mixtape, The Black Bar Mitzvah.

The gangster gossip surrounding Rick Ross’ marketing strategies stretches to world-renowned cocaine king-pin Freeway Ricky Ross. First named ‘Teflon’, the Miami MC Rick Ross is currently being sued by Freeway Ricky Ross for using his name.

After the shooting in January, the ex-correction officer Rick Ross is currently being protected by actual police force. It can’t be fun to be Rick Ross right now.











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Versace Hotel now offers a royal pet pamper

Palazzo Versace Australia now offers a deluxe pet package for £351 a night, including a gourmet doggy room service, designer futons and walkies with the doting concierge.



Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 10.11.46 PM



5 Star dog-friendly hotel opens on the Gold Coast, Australia - 01 Apr 2013

Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 10.06.13 PM
This article is taken from Dailymail

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P&V 4 Glamcult

For the Dutch Independent Style Paper Glamcult, for their big fashion issue of March, we made a print-extravaganza editorial with photographer Duy Vo and stylist Lisa Anne Stuyfzand. We made the models emerge in our ecstatic patterns. The March issue features also an interview with us.

Glamcult is free and is available in The Netherlands and Belgium.






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