Mobile Pâtisserie

Decoden comes from Japan, it’s a form of contemporary craftsmanship that’s focused on the decoration of technological devices. One of the possible embellishment themes of Decoden is pastry: sweet decorations turn mobile devices in faux-desserts. Realistic looking whipped cream, fruits, chocolate bars and cookies transform your mobile phone in a decadent piece of eye candy. With this candy you don’t need to worry about calories, however, if your mobile cake makes your mouth water, see it as the perfect moment to inhale some vapor candy. No need for chewing, just continue your phone conversation.
We bumped into Decoden while looking for visual elements for a new project we are currently working on with fashion designers MarryMe-JimmyPaul. We gave form to the catwalk of their upcoming show which will open the Amsterdam Fashion Week. Very soon we will upload the result!

decoden01 decoden02 decoden03 decoden04 decoden05 decoden06 decoden07 decoden08 decoden09 decoden10 decoden11 decoden12

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