What is happening in Turkey

We would like to give you an update on the seriousness of the situation in Turkey.

Basically the government who forbid the Turkish media to broadcast the upraising, all of a sudden show what is happening on the streets, yet only a staged portion if it. They hired people to throw rocks and molotov cocktails to the police while reporting as if they are the freedom protestors.

There are over hundreds of pictures floating on the internet, showing badly photoshopped manipulated imagery organized by the government. Such as, exaggeration of the crowd gathering for Erdogan or the manipulation of the slogans the protestors carry in order to amplify the effect.

This morning, Tuesday June 11th, the government entered to the area of the protests at 7 in the morning tear gasing the sleeping protestors. After that Christian Amanpour from CNN interviewed the right hand of the prime minister. He told her that the people are free to protest police is not touching them???? Sorry but Turkish government are currently making fool of themselves.

They are even attacking protestors in wheelchairs???!!!!??

The protestors raised 55K $ and gave a full page advertisement in New York Times.

Today, Tuesday June 11th, the police abducted 40-50 lawyers who gathered in front of the Istanbul Justice Department who were showing their discontent. Images of few of the lawyers badly injured are spread on the internet, the rest of the lawyers are missing.


Let’s make people aware of the reality.

That Erdogan thinks Turkish people and the international media is stupid!

That his strategy of cheap lies, totalitarian impose of his ideology expired.

All the screenshots are taken from the instagram profile @hukumetistifa.

He covers pretty much everything, all in english. Please follow him



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