Tony Montana make up

HD make up gone wrong due to the light of the photography flash.
Guest post by Simone S. Niquille, who is a student of ours at Sandberg Institute Amsterdam. She is writing her graduation thesis on FaceValue and the text below is an extract from it.









In 2009 during the premiere for the movie ‘Nine’ in New York, photos of Nicole Kidman appeared: “What’s all the powder in her face?”. Most photos show Kidman covered in white powder on her nose and under her eyes, the exact spots foundation is applied to. Other photos of the night seem to show a normal face however. HD make-up reflects light differently than regular make up, making it possible to apply less product while still retaining a concealing function, perfect functionality for HD production. The flash of the photo cameras did not comply with the HD make-up however. The make-up product applied did not adhere to the techno norms of Kidman’s situation. The make-up was applied outside of its context and malfunctioned, resulting in a transparent make-up strategy reveal.

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