Hipster filters; Olga and Diana and Toy Cameras wannabes super imposed on war pictures. The faux-ravaged effects on top of vrai-ravaged people, places and things.

Teru Kuwayama and Balazs Gardi embedded themselves in one of the marine battalions sent to Afghanistan on early 2011. Using Hipstamatic, they recorded their time in the war that started 10 years ago. We see the clash between the cool filters for rich kids with trendy phones and people who deal with death and violence every day.

Instead of parties in Brooklyn, gathering refugees around food aid trucks.

Instead of an indie chick doing an empty and misplaced peace sign, a ten-year-old who has lived as a refugee for 4 years.

The war presented in the language of the self-absorbed generation.

The whole expedition can be seen at Basetrack. TL;DR version on Flickr.

guest post by gui machiavelli / via Foreign Policy

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