Pinar&Viola for Adidas

As Pinar&Viola, we were asked by Adidas Head Quarters in Germany, to rejuvenate their archival imagery. The assignment has been given by the beginning of 2016 in order to create intrigue for their flagship store in NYC which opened last week (beginning December 2016). During theis project, we payed regular visit to Adidas Headquarters in Herzogenaurach and befriended the curator of their archives.

As a result, we created a collection of images where adidas athletes come together in a ground with no space, time and gender. Inspired by Adidas’ innovation politcy, future-craft, we digitally hand crafted these images which would inspire sportsman of all age background for a stylistic and energetic way forward.

The images carry superstar athletes such as Derek Rose, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, James Harden, Jessica Ennis-Hill, Stan Smith, Zidane, Messi, together with the founder of Adidas, Adi Dassler.

This project was meant to go on the walls of their flagship store, on 5th avenue New York, yet because of change of direction, they remained as an internal vision-inspiration for Adidas.





PinarViolaForAdidas-sketch19 PinarViolaForAdidas-sketch20  PinarViolaForAdidas-sketch22




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P&V Healing Prints Exhibition at Dice Kayek Paris

Last Saturday the worlds of Pinar & Viola and Dice Kayek came together for Toutes à l’école, the French non-profit that provides education to deprived girls living in Cambodia. The peplum t-shirt, which for the occasion had been adorned with the ‘Paris Heart Club’ print, was presented to the public together with the Healing Prints exhibition. The profit of the sales of the shirts goes to Toutes à l’école. The exhibition is up until the 16th if October in Dice Kayek’s pop-up store. Address: 15 Rue Saint-Benoît, 75006 Paris. We would like to thank Cyril Chateau for the photography, Sylvain Cabouat for the scenography tips, our exhibition manager Berengere de Thonel d’Orgeix for her amazingness as usual, Jacquill Glenn Basdew and Damien Girard for their warm assistance.




















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Instaopacity 50%


Capture d’écran 2016-07-18 à 13.10.01  Capture d’écran 2016-07-15 à 15.24.45 Capture d’écran 2016-07-15 à 15.30.01 Capture d’écran 2016-07-15 à 15.30.27 Capture d’écran 2016-07-15 à 15.31.22 Capture d’écran 2016-07-15 à 15.31.56 Capture d’écran 2016-07-18 à 13.08.15 Capture d’écran 2016-07-15 à 15.32.27 Capture d’écran 2016-07-18 à 13.10.50 Capture d’écran 2016-07-15 à 15.32.40 Capture d’écran 2016-07-18 à 13.09.11 Capture d’écran 2016-07-18 à 13.08.57 Capture d’écran 2016-07-15 à 15.32.48 Capture d’écran 2016-07-15 à 15.33.49 Capture d’écran 2016-07-15 à 15.34.02 Capture d’écran 2016-07-18 à 13.09.37

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Recycled Blue Assemblies

Our IKEA collection will be in store summer 2017. Until then we need to practice patience… For now, some image entertainment involving IKEA’s blue iconic bag:

277a1ea88f2c1460542dc24785083641   6764230c304ffcc28c42566ccfccd7b4 10296717_1508218316066804_826057343_n Capture d’écran 2016-07-15 à 16.14.04 cc9d5721c260eacaf1799138ba952a02 IKEA1skirt 643@80 swedish-costume-from-IKEA-FRAKTA-bags-550x825


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P&V Healing Prints

The way fashion designers launch collections where they showcase the near-future of clothing, our studio yearly launches collection where we showcase the near-future of images. Followed by our artist statement about our devotion to social and planetary justice, we digitally crafted a collection where we made prints and garments that revitalise and celebrate the sacredness of nature. Pinar&Viola Healing Prints is a collection of rebellious visuals fabricated into unique fashion statements.

We would like to thank Stimuleringsfonds for their generous support in making this collection happen. The pictures of The Mother Earth Dress is taken by Thomas Vassarot and the rest of the healing prints is photographed by Wendelin Spiess








pinarviola-healingprints-1 pinarviola-healingprints-2 pinarviola-healingprints-3 pinarviola-healingprints-4 pinarviola-healingprints-5 pinarviola-healingprints-6 pinarviola-healingprints-7 pinarviola-healingprints-8



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Privacy Looks

The Desearch Repartement is a group of “desearchers” (as they put it). They use a satirical form of expression to break down into pieces the commodification and camouflaging of human injustices and oppression in our contemporary world. In their work they’re highlighting in various ways the structures/peoples that are holding today’s sociopolitical realities in place. They created full-body suits which are providing anti-recognition to the person who’s wearing it while also displaying the powerful structures/people they are criticising.

The Desearch Repartment initiates exhibitions and workshops around their work, they also produce digital images & videos based on a movement they created, the Essential Happiness Possibility. You can check out their work here, and their blog here.

121 2 3 4 5 146 7 8 9 1310 11

YAGA: Torture Compassion (trailer) from Desearch Repartment on Vimeo.

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Future Mountains is a porcelain tile collection designed by Pinar&Viola for Seranit.

For the first time in the ceramics and porcelain sector, Seranit, a leader in the industrial porcelain collaborates with an artist. Future Mountains puts an emphasis on the progression of our digital era. We selected 10 natural stones and marbles quarried in Turkey and embellished them with their highly aesthetic digital touch. In this way, we created a collection which celebrates the marriage of technology and nature, while making the beholder travel in different worlds when they are surrounded with the tiles.

“A marble is true a creation of mother nature, and nothing can replace its grandeur. However, in our times, by staying true to the progression of digital technology, we created exquisite porcelain tiles which bare the power of nature and technology in the same time.” – Pınar&Viola

You can download the catalog of this collection here






















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KILLER INTERNNNN where are you? We, Pinar&Viola studio, is looking for the best design intern to work with us in our studio in Paris. We care & We pay
If you know anyone thank you for passing the word


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Let yourself get hit by the love arrow of Pinar&Viola

A special Valentines day gift from us for yooouuuuu!!

This is how it works:

1) Save the LOVE background below

2) Open Photo Booth

3) Click on ‘Effects’

4) Click on the right arrow until you arrive at the ‘User Backdrop’ menu 

5) Drag our jpg file into one of the ‘User Backdrop’ options

6) Pose, click and spread the love! 


Viola_valentine Saskia_Valentineemilie-valentine



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Pinar&Viola is hiring

Happy new year and happy new beginnings!!! ?

As Pinar&Viola, we have some news
We are hiring  ?
1. A creative project manager 
2. A mega intern

In 2016, we are expanding our studio in Paris and that is why we are looking to hire a creative project manager. CPM of Pinar&Viola, it sound more corporate when we brand it with caps, right? : ) And someone else to be our mega intern

Or a friend of you?

For the project manager, we are searching for someone who is a bit maybe more serious than us but loves to have equally fun. Someone who is very good in English and French so than he/she can help us reply with emails, applications, preparations to lectures, workshops and running the studio. This does not have to be full time. Part time, like 3 days a week, but full time is also an option.
We say creative project manager, because we want to work with someone who is witty in mind, to be able to write the way we create. Decadent and generous while being relevant yet cutting edge.

And as for the mega intern, please feel free to fill in the definition of mega by expanding your own imagination. Fun, fatale and needless to say a very good designer… Someone who would like to be the 3rd Pinar&Viola in design, to be able to make our sketches come alive, but also assist us with his/her execution input from different programs, like 3d, video, programming or any other geeking away qualities.
French speaking could be awesome but not necessary, we highly appreciate when people come from overseas as well.
Our studio is located right across centre Pompidou in Paris.

Thanks for sharing
Hugs, Pinar&Viola

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Artist Statement

Paris, November 2015

Media is filled with news proving our failures of respecting each other and the planet where we live in, meanwhile, engaged individuals and organisations are doing their effort to raise global awareness for all the challenges we face. One could argue that this engagement may be a trend, because tendencies come and go, yet profound caring for nature and one and other, is something you can’t ignore once you realise its current cruciality and its universal truth. 
History has shown us that in times of hardship, people are more fuelled than ever for a positive change, with accompanying hope for a better life and new values in our society. 

As Pınar&Viola, we have a fantasy.

We imagine a future fuelled by social transformation, where people think critically and are able to make ethical choices in all areas of life. 

We fantasise of the day where we all recognise that everything is interconnected. We lead our actions not through power and ego, but in such way that we treat our fellow humans and nature as respectful as we treat our closest friends. 

We imagine a future where, the more we will be driven by technology, the more we strive for knowledge and for the recognition of the sacredness of nature. 

We imagine a future where we choose wisdom over given information, community over consumerism, and deeper healing over false advertising, 

We imagine a future where instead of quantity, we choose quality, resulting in sustainability. And we would like to make this fantasy through the tools that we master. The tool that is so everywhere yet ungraspable, the tool that everyone has access to yet it seems that no one has the patience to elaborate… 

The image.

The tool that has, and currently is, being used to mislead masses. 

Over the last few years, as two young female entrepreneurs, we went through a lot of change in our personal and professional life. We learned the power of speaking out for our deepest believes, of letting go, of losing control which opened up other levels of awareness and new sensibilities emerging in us and in our work. 
Two years ago, our fascination for defining future trends and fashion made us incline towards Paris. Thanks to the generous support of the Dutch government, we made an ample move from Amsterdam to Paris, and started operating our studio in between these two cities. While trying to make a space for ourselves in a city of pride and prejudice, we learned the beauty of being selflessness through the mysterious and spiritual nature of this city. 

Since then, our antennas are directed towards new design systems which embrace nature, silence, permaculture, planetary awareness and radically practical solutions which are needed to conquer the global challenges that we face. We heightened our social and planetary engagement in our personal life, which is reflected in our work as image makers. 

Currently we are working on multiple projects, including our new image collection. The image collections we launch yearly showcase socially engaged future concepts, cultural tendencies and image making techniques through various mediums. With time, the launches of our image collections became events which combine design and image innovation, where people from our sector come together to see what is in the future of image making. Our former collections include Family Special-Polyamory, Love Message Service, Sandal Aqua and Diva Opaque. 

We are releasing this statement to let you know that the next Pınar&Viola Image Collection, will be a devotion to create an irresistible invitation for a more just and humane future.

The ground basis of our work lies in being critical and speak our minds to foster a positive change in society. As an artist duo we have been using the charm of the image to make people overcome their prejudices, unify and make them fantasise about planetary justice. As two creative people ‘living a healthy and balanced life’ in a world were there is a lot of misery and inequality, we feel the urge to reflect trough our work on the despair in the world. With our current socio-political awareness, even more than ever, we feel the urge to create a rebellious positive message. 

This “état d’esprit”, which is an idealistic demeanour in itself, is/will not only be visible in our collection, but will also shine itself through our current and next client work and our upcoming exhibitions.


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The New Plus Size


















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