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Virtual_Fur Fantasies #Majestic

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Allergic to
modern life

For our Dazed&Confused column we investigated the sci-fi extremes of electromagnetic sensitivity:

An EHS statement piece

We, Pinar & Viola, just like the rest of our generation, consume and produce on the internet. Our laptops are the extension of our hands. We can work anywhere as long as we have our laptops and a fast connection (you can keep track of us on Instagram here).

But it seems the times we used the internet as a means of escape are over. Instead, more often than not, we’re trying to escape the internet. As an artist duo, we are kind of internet-tired: no more browser buttons in our work. This probably has to do with the mainstreaming, and subsequent overkill, of post-internet aesthetics. We feel like closing our digital windows; we’re longing to touch the real-life earth with our bare feet, leaving our phones in airplane mode. But what if that’s not enough to discharge ourselves?

EHS symptoms range from acute headaches, skin burning, muscle twitches, chronic fatigue and other 21st century malaises

Imagine a day when you develop an allergy towards the internet, your iPhone, or even worse, your brand new Galaxy S4. Imagine that data-roaming and scrolling through Instagram makes your skin itch, while tweeting leaves a metallic taste in your mouth. With red, irritated eyes, you find yourself changing your FB status: “Electromagnetic hypersensitive.”

Electromagnetic bathing
Electromagnetic hypersensitivity sounds like a futuristic nightmare but, for a group of people, it is a RL status. Electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) might be a new malady or maybe an up-to-date, hypochondriac conspiracy theory. What many of us don’t realise, though, is that the radiation we’ve been exposed to over the last ten years has been hundreds, even thousands, of times higher than in our pre-wireless age.
Scientists agree that electromagnetic fields are dangerous at high levels, but it’s kind of agreed that the low levels emitted from our devices are safe. However, institutions like the National Cancer Institute now acknowledge that more research regarding our recent “electromagnetic bathing” is needed.
Electromagnetic fields, like o.a. GSM and wi-fi, cause electromagnetic hyper-sensitives a wild range of symptoms. According to sufferers, EHS symptoms range from acute headaches, skin burning, muscle twitches, chronic fatigue and other 21st century malaises. It’s a fascinating, electro-phobic cocktail of anxiety and science-fiction spookiness.

As “normal people”, we don’t realize that our society is actually an electro-dictatorship where it is impossible to escape from man-made radiation

To date, EHS has gained little acceptance from the medical and scientific community. As there is no specific medical test for it, all EHS sufferers are self-diagnosed. Nevertheless, the number of people around the world claiming to have EHS is growing. Similarly, research into this controversial condition is increasing and EHS charities are fighting to get the surreal malaise officially recognized. Sweden is the only country where EHS is recognized as a valid medical condition, while the rest of the scientific world laughs or waits for more evidence.

But just because there’s no evidence (yet) doesn’t guarantee that something doesn’t exist. Plus, these kinds of weird, sociological phenomena can be very intriguing. Plumbing through blogs, we dug into this modern folklore-meets-conspiracy theory. What we discovered was electrifying!

Radiation-proofing a bedroom

The survival methods of electromagnetic hypersensitives are bizarrely thrilling. As “normal people”, we don’t realize that our society is actually an electro-dictatorship where it is impossible to escape from man-made radiation. Electromagnetic emissions, known to EHS suffers as electrosmog, are beaming at us from every corner: radiation, 24/7.

EHS sufferers are only safe in a reclusive rural life, in tech-free fortresses where it is impossible for electrosmog to creep in. It’s sad, but the most extreme EHS sufferers claim to have no choice but to live in a Farady Cage.
For desperate electromagnetic hypersensitives, their condition demands creative solutions. Some EHS solutions resembles a neo form of Art Brut. They look like visionary creations, reflections of our own excessive lives and paranoia. Cool, pure silver relieves wifi-burn the best. Their inventions are harsh and drastic, with an obscure poetry.

The shielded lives of EHS victims are extreme extrapolations of the influence that technology exerts on our lives

Lightning-proof fashion
Many EH sensitives dress with an uncalculated, atypical sophistication, their aim to bounce the radiation right off. EHS fashion is dramatic and evocative; forceful looks of oversized spy-wear couture. In their outfits, the mystical and the militant blend seamlessly, their layers of futuristic monochrome silver tones powerful enough to knock out submarine radar. Outfits are finished with EHS accessories like silver plated beanies, foil-lined brain coats and grounding gloves. SS13’s metallic trend fades next to the utility statement pieces of the electromagnetic hypersensitive.
All electromagnetic (EM) protective fashion, with a shielding effectiveness of 99.99%, is made out of high-tech textile with fine weavings of silver wire. Crafty EHS sufferers weave metres of EM-shielding fabric into wifi-proof curtains and bed-cages. On several websites you can find many more EHS products: computer and cellphone shields, shielding paints, foil-lined wallpaper, earthling products, radiation detectors, educational kits… The list goes on.

Technological ignorance
The shielded lives of EHS victims are extreme extrapolations of the influence that technology exerts on our lives. In their wifi-free minds, they merge the philosophical with the factual (some, for instance, believe that PCs literally fry your brain). It’s obvious that electromagnetic hypersensitives are eccentric, but their bizarre theories reflect on our common future: their self-diagnosis is an amplified version of the stress we face with our ‘always on’ lifestyles.

Silver mesh with a shielding effectiveness of 99.99%

A radiation-free telephone

An example of electromagnetic-proof fashion

#wiwt Radiation proof beanie

A tech-free fortress home

Chakra stones for mobile phones

Cool comfort from electro-magnetic rays

Protection from modern life


Electrosmog free beds

Fashion forward and electrosmog free

Grounding iGloves

A handsome radiation blocking shirt

Radiation-proof silver is the new black

Radiation shielding rooftop

Silver wifi shield

Stylish electromagnetic hypersensitive Sarah Dacre

The chic and radiation proof Sarah Dacre

Your personal radiation protector

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Square ’em all

A selection of app logos which tried hard to fit it all in a square

Now, everyone who owns an iphone or any smart phone are just spoiled with all the smartness of the apps that is contained within. There is an app for almost everything, be it photo filters, music scanner, e-book, recipes, newspapers from all over the world, games, texting, video calls, fitness program and so on. However, have you noticed? The tiny little logos that fill up the walls of your mobile phones are squares with rounded corners? Can you imagine how much devotion has been put into turning all sorts of subjects, objects or activities into these little symbols? Even the fundamentally rounded basketball is transformed into a litte square. How much further can we go?

applogo12 applogo13 applogo14 applogo09 applogo04 applogo16 applogo15 applogo01 applogo10 applogo02 applogo20 applogo17 applogo11 applogo05 applogo07 applogo06 applogo19 applogo03 applogo08 applogo18 applogo21

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it’s art baby!








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Gay and trans* children of conservative politicians

Rob Portman and Will Portman: Will Portman has become a national figure in the world of LGBT rights now that his dad, Sen. Rob Portman, has revealed his son’s sexuality and completely ditched his anti-gay marriage stance in order to fully support his son.


Dick Cheney and Mary Cheney: Former U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney is not only famous for his high-ranking job, but because he is the most prominent conservative with a gay child, his daughter, Mary. Mary, who has worked as an aide to her father and is now the vice president for consumer advocacy at AOL, is married to her longtime partner, Heather Poe.


Matt J. Salmon and Matt R. Salmon: In 2010, it was revealed that former conservative Arizona state Sen. Matt J. Salmon’s son, also named Matt, is gay. The younger Matt is now a Republican, like his father, and wants to make progressive changes to his political party.


Barry Goldwater and Ty Ross Goldwater: Former Arizona Sen. Barry Goldwater, who opposed gay rights on several occasions, also had a gay grandson, Ty Ross Goldwater, who came out publicly in 1994.


Alan Keyes and Maya Jeane Marcel-Keyes: Former Republican politician Alan Keyes’ youngest daughter, Maya Jeane Marcel-Keyes, came out to her parents in high school and her sexuality became public fodder during her father’s 2004 presidential campaign. Marcel-Keyes is now a staunch liberal and LGBT advocate and has even opposed her father’s policies.


Sonny Bono and Chaz Bono: Late Republican congressman and music icon Sonny Bono was the father of Chaz Bono, the daughter of Cher, who is also famous for being a transgender icon.


This post, images and text is taken by Rollingout

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Tony Montana make up

HD make up gone wrong due to the light of the photography flash.
Guest post by Simone S. Niquille, who is a student of ours at Sandberg Institute Amsterdam. She is writing her graduation thesis on FaceValue and the text below is an extract from it.









In 2009 during the premiere for the movie ‘Nine’ in New York, photos of Nicole Kidman appeared: “What’s all the powder in her face?”. Most photos show Kidman covered in white powder on her nose and under her eyes, the exact spots foundation is applied to. Other photos of the night seem to show a normal face however. HD make-up reflects light differently than regular make up, making it possible to apply less product while still retaining a concealing function, perfect functionality for HD production. The flash of the photo cameras did not comply with the HD make-up however. The make-up product applied did not adhere to the techno norms of Kidman’s situation. The make-up was applied outside of its context and malfunctioned, resulting in a transparent make-up strategy reveal.

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There is someone for everyone

A look at 11 (real!) niche dating sites from around the Internet.
This compilation is made by Allison McCann for Bloomberg Businessweek.

Cougar Life 4,000,000 users
the average age of a cougar is 39, while the average cub is 29.


Sudar Daddie 3,000,000 usera
The average Sugar Daddie relationship appears to last four months, as indicated by the gap between users logging off and signing back on.


Beautiful People 750,000 users
6.5 million peole apply for membership each year, only one in eight is accepted.


Farmers Only 250,000 users
The fastest growing number of users by crop crown: wheat. The top state by number of female members who can drive a tractor: Missouri.


Geek2Geek 200,000 users
Top male user interests include video games and computers; females prefer film and fantasy. The site’s most active from 2 a.m. to 3.a.m.


Tattoed Singles 1000,000 users
The average number of tattoos per user: 7. The oldest member is 82.


Cupidtino 30,000 users
The first dating site for Apple fans: Users can log on only via Apple products


Purrsonals 15,000 users
The average number of cats per user: two. Users are 70 percent woman and 30per cent man.


Crew Dating 5,000 users
Where pilots and flight attendants go to find love. most dates occur on land.


Waiting Till Marriage 4,000 users
Born-again virgins account for 5 percent to 10 percent of members. The other 90 percent are actually waiting till marriage.


Scientific Singles 3,5000 users
Ninety percent of users are employed as scientists; the other 10 percent are merely hobbyists.

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A Sparkling Protest

A limited edition Fur Free scarf by Pinar&Viola for Bont voor Dieren and Fur Free.

The scarf wants to expose the benefits of the alternatives for real fur in fashion by showing the beauty of the unnatural and the artifice. In order to symbolize the endless possibilities of artificial fur, we made the entire panthera family parade on a fashionable scarf. Blood drips of the anti fur campaigns are replaced by stains of rainbow colors ornamenting the panthers’ fur. The print displays an optical illusion of rounds that mimic a cut on the surface of the scarf. Utterly fake fur strains are peaking out of these graphical rounds; proud to be fake.

Bont voor Dieren (Fur for Animals) is a Dutch animal protection organization dedicated to the rights and protection of all fur-bearing animals. They campaign against the production and use of fur by raising public awareness on issues such as animal cruelty and welfare. Bont door Dieren supports Fur Free, an initiative by Jojanneke van der Veer and Femke Dekker. Fur Free organizes Fur Free shows, Fur Free exhibitions, publish Fur Free magazines and write Fur Free manifesto’s.





The Fur Free Scarf is part of the exhibition PROTEST!. Fur Free invited print- and graphic designers to come up with their very own iconic Fur Free protest poster. Participating designers are: Alex Kaséta, And Beyond, Antoine Peters, Bas Kosters, Bart de Baets, Experimental Jetset, Glamcult Studio, Hansje van Halem, Karen van de Kraats, Nicole Martens, Nieuw Jurk and Our Polite Society. The exhibition is on from January 21st till January 26th, all designs will be on view at De Slang, one of Amsterdam’s oldest squats on Spuistraat 199.

Photos of the opening by Mgr Madhatter:









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MRRY XMAS, meet my desktop stripper

Merry Christmas everyone!
We have a solution for those who feel lonely in the holiday season, desktop strippers. We met them during our research for The Importance of being Sexy, the XXX website we designed, like a year ago. They were popping up in the right cover of your screen while browsing in adult sites. Yet, recently we ran into their larger-than-life versions that we could download and have them parade in between our photoshop layers.

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Celeb smell

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Research: Tribal hook, ear talon, exotic gauge, fashion body jewelry

Today, the research for a new project in the PV studio is looking like this:

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