Our opening at Gallery 12 Mail

Our exhibition at Red Bull Space in Paris, Gallery 12 Mail opened April 28 2017. The exhibition will be up for 3 months, you can visit it Tuesday-Friday 14-18h. Further information can be found on LesInrocks

Curator: Guillaume Sorge

Exhibition text: Berengere de Thonel d’Orgeix

Teepees made by Sylvain Cabouat

Documentation photography: Valentin Lecron





_Y1A3676 _Y1A3573


pinarviola-12mail-5 _Y1A3629 _Y1A3755


_Y1A3912 _Y1A3798 _Y1A3951 _Y1A3978

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Our prints for Koché – Spring2015

Our latest digitale couture became physical French couture!!!?

From NowFashion.com:
Kocher aims to bring together a vision of urbane contemporary dressing spliced with the exquisite crafts seldom harnessed in the real world. “It’s a melting pot of Parisian romance, Asian color-clash, the New Yorker’s cool sportswear. There are easy nylon track pants and dresses requiring hours of embroidery to create,” the designer said, as her chill cast milled around in the corridor. Point in case, a lightweight parka delicately fringed with feathers, bejeweled crop tops, or fantastic low riding jeans with a singlet one-piece. Everywhere, pseudo ethnic silver jewelry (if your tribe is the neo-raver one) twinkled and tinkled.

This is the don’t-care-for-gender dress form of athleisure, a savant mixture of the trappings of 1980s, 1990s sportswear combined with the craftsmanship of couture.

All of it smacked of questionable youthful taste, but that would be missing the painstaking attention to details where snobbery might only see dubiously printed polyester and lurid laces. By deploying the arsenal of age-old crafts on the synthetic and man-made, is Kocher breaking the last taboo, or bridging a divide no longer necessary? For the Willow and Jaden Smith generation, Koché is exactly what couture means.











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MaryMe-JimmyPaul @ AFW

Our dearest fashion designers MaryMe-JimmyPaul will open the Amsterdam Fashion Week tomorrow night (the 12th of July at 9 PM). We designed the catwalk of this marvelous show. We can tell you that it will be a grandiose interactive spectacle filled with MaryMe-JimmyPaul’s sculptural fashion fantasies. The show can be followed live via the AFW website or by downloading the AFW App.

We can’t wait for tomorrow! Good luck Marie and Jimmy with your last preparations!!!  <3



Hereby a selection of images of MMJP’s previous collections:












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Diplo got the first Pinar&Viola tattoo

Diplo got a tattoo designed by us. A K&L on his arm, showing his devotion to his son and the woman of his life. The font we used for it is actually the one we sign our work with. This is the first time we it for something else than our own signature.
He said he moved his arm too much, that’s why the white spots occurred in the design.

Screen Shot 2013-05-03 at 3.17.04 PM


Screen Shot 2013-05-03 at 3.15.34 PM


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Launch party Glamcult #2

Here an impression of the launch of Glamcult issue #2 where we celebrated the collaboration between us, photographer Duy Vo, stylist Lisa Anne Stuyfzand and Glamcult. The evening was presented as ‘A Rest Stop for Pinar&Viola, Duy and Lisa’. A Rest Stop for Rare Individuals is the new exhibition concept of Glamcult Studio.

♡ Thank you Glam Cult family for the great party ♡

The first two pics are from us, the rest is photographed by Nana van Dijk






























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Optical Illusion Selfies

Optical Illusion Selfies is a work we did in collaboration with OKFocus. We made a special edition set of webcam filters as part of Overlayer.

Our Overlays are inspired by trompe-l’oeil, a classical painting technique that creates optical illusions. Trompe-l’oeils were popular among Baroque artists. The paintings deceived the viewer’s senses while the artists playfully explored the boundaries between image and reality on their canvas. As Pinar&Viola, our canvas is the internet and the web shows that, today the boundaries of image and reality, the actual and the virtual, are blurred away.

A special section of internet’s images are results of everyday digital gestures like a self-portrait, in netspeak labeled as a ‘selfie’. These self-aware selfies are our daily optical illusions that deceive the senses of our Facebook friends. Our profile pictures reveal, as much as they hide, our persona. Our tromple-l’oeil webcam Overlays are digitally crafted devotions of these carefully constructed acts of self-design. These illusionary sceneries are heavily inspired by digital folklore imagery like desktop wallpapers, GIF animations and fantasy web art.

Go to Overlayer.com and turn into a bright blue waterfall, a swamp oracle, a sadomasochistic fire spitting demon and more. The transformative pixels are only one click away, please share your selfies with us!!!

















































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Brenmar’s latest release BF/GF

New York-based producer and DJ Brenmar creates his bassy trademark sound by mixing up house music with R&B and hip hop, clearly drawing on his influences from growing up in Chicago during the 90s – yesterday Dazed Digital premiered his brand new track “BF/GF”, with the album artwork we designed and our online love message service, 4eva. The very talented Brenmar wanted us to hand tailor an haute fashion cover for him. We offered him a cyclopean ghetto gold-ruby diamond wrapped in a Cartier à la Pinar&Viola jewel Box. The song is now the over and over of the studio. You can download it here.

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Pattern we made for This is Chorus

This pattern we made for This is Chrous is inspired by skeuomorphs, which are visual information appendixes. Please see the blogpost we made a year ago investigating examples of it.
This is Chrous is a freshly debuting Fashion brand from Melbourne, Australia. They express that their agency lies in the ‘inbetween’, both that moment of contradiction when serious bursts with humour, and the instant old becomes new.
Please visit their page for more information and for further inquiries and orders please contact Cassandra Wheat.

For the ones who follow us in instagram (pinar_and_viola), as soon as we receive the garments, we’ll put self-mirror shots covered in the pattern we designed. : )

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We have a new monthly Dazed Digital column

Our dear friends in Dazed invited us to be a guest contributors to their blog. From November on, we’ll have a monthly post about digital folk. As our first, we present you Turkey’s anti-evolutionist showgirls. An Islamist fringes wraps its hard anti-Darwin message in skin-tight Versace, drag-queen make-up and po-mo posing.

For November, we briefly present a female creationist ensemble from Turkey. These girls have proven that Islam, sexual objectification, passion, belief, tabloidization, manipulation, anti-Darwin and Versace can come together. Five Turkish bombshells, they are often referred as the girls, angels or kitten of Adnan Oktar, a self-taught Islamic preacher who gained respect for his fervent Creationist teachings. He presents his beliefs as a reformed and urbanized versions of Islam, where he clearly states Muslims, Christians and Jews should unite against the corrupting influence of Darwinism. He is also the author of the books Atlas of Creation Quadriology, an anti-evolution, Islamic-saga bouillabaisse. It displays a stunning ignorance of basic biology, and 6 legged humans skeleton visualizations are among the arguments that are employed to contradict Darwin.

This fabulous five consists of Gülşah Güçyetmez, Ceylan Özbudak, Ebru Altan, Damla Pamir and Aylin Kocaman. They are the bewildering accessories of the TV Show Adnan Oktar Chat Time at the religious channel A9. Every night these blazing women come together with the Islamic Creation packmaster Mr. Oktar. They hold discussions about Islam, pseudo-insta-fossils discrediting evolution and their favorite topic: Mr. Oktar.

This surreal set-up might be hard to grasp for a non-Turkish person. (One half of Pinar&Viola is Turkish). These woman contradict the terrorized image of Muslims used in the global press, while going completely against all the hardwork feminist activists have been battling over the years. While the restrictive state of Turkish journalism grows into a national shame, scandal and sensation still makes up a huge part of the Turkish media. Five voluptuous ladies with a combination of Zentai-tight, now-in-style Versace garments and make-up capable of making drag queens jealous, rubbing shoulders with religious sisterhood, and many references to history’s matriarchs.

These five women state they behave following the ethics of Kur’an, where it’s written the ones Allah guides look alike, as a reaction to questions regarding their similar looks. All of these girls have their own individual social media stardoms where they make loud manifestations adding to their media attention.

It’s not the first time that sensationalism, lies and cheap entertainment have been used to boost the ratings of a TV program, especially not in Turkey. That’s why the educated, intellectual, secular part of the Turkish population became completely immune to this first-degree propaganda. Their solution is simple, and troublesome – make fun of it.

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Dazed n Confused office animals

For their November issue, Dazed & Confused prepared a long article about our latest Collection Scandal Aqua. We’re now in London for the Frieze Art Fair. While visiting their office, our new friends at the Dazed suggested that we make special edition Dazed digital blogpost about Frieze through Pinar&Viola scanner.

As a result, we prepared a collection of iGadgets displayed in the stand tables. It was quite striking to us to see the level of iConnectivity in each gallery module. We could feel the the reassuring pleasant feeling of being part of the VIP technologic community. From French Oceanic Art dealers in Frieze Masters to cutting-edge contemporary talent hunters from NY, all tables were ornate with the technologic wonder children of this century. It seems that the Mac slick look helps them to deepen the mystery, while making an allegorical reference to it’s context, Art.

You can see our post here, also we show you the little animal kingdom living in the Dazed & Another Magazine office.

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Hans Brinker Campaign for KesselsKramer

Over long years of tireless campaigning, The Hans Brinker Budget Hotel Amsterdam has striven to become the worst hotel in the world. Its stance of proud incompetence has led to great success, especially among those with an appreciation of brutal honesty. Six hundred guests daily can’t be wrong.
In fact: they’re right.

Because of the guests’ decades-long devotion, we can add a new superlative when describing the Brinker: it’s Amsterdam’s No.1 attraction.
The truth is that the Brinker collects the best of Amsterdam’s popular attractions in one place. The beds are as cruel as any rack in the Torture Museum. The staff stare as vacantly as any dummy in the Wax Museum. And you just nip to the Brinker’s overflowing bathrooms to experience your own personal canal tour.

All these attractions under one hotel roof are especially attractive to the average Brinker guest, who rarely regains consciousness early enough to make it outside in daylight hours.
You’re invited to experience Amsterdam’s No.1 attraction, the Hans Brinker Budget Hotel.

Agency: KesselsKramer
Art-director: Gijs van den Berg
Copywriter: Niek Eijsbouts
Creative director: Erik Kessels
Graphic design: Pinar&Viola
Producer: Daphne Linthorst

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Introducing our new friends

Woouuuu! We launched The panda Show yesterday and it took off to himalayas. Download The Panda Webcam App and Incarnate in a panda too!!! We’d love to see more pandas ♡ There can never be enough pandas!
Send us your panda via Twitter and Facebook.

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