War and Peace
(of Mind)

Is the Buddha still laughing?

“Mindfulness-Based Mind Fitness Training” or “M-Fit” was designed by former U.S. Army Capt. Elizabeth Stanley. She discovered the power of inner piece when she started doing yoga and meditation to battle her posttraumatic stress disorder.

Mindfulness can help war fighters think more clearly under fire when they are often forced to make quick decisions that could mean life or death, and help them reset their nervous systems after being in combat. The M-Fit training improves the soldiers’ emotional health and their mental performance under the stress and strain of war.

Mindfulness and meditation comes from a 2,500-year-old buddhist tradition and is rooted in ethics and nonviolence. Meditation practice has always been grounded in an understanding of karma: our actions make a difference. In the recent years, Mindfulness has exploded into an industry that ranges from the monastery to the military. Soldiers, prisoners, managers and office workers are practicing mindfulness. A growing number of businesses are learning that employee satisfaction (read: a peaceful mind) and employee productivity go hand in hand.

The use of M-Fit in the American Army is based on a growing body of scientific research indicating that regular meditation alleviates depression, boosts memory and the immune system, shrinks the part of the brain that controls fear and grows the areas of the brain responsible for memory and emotional regulation.

Most soldiers like the M-Fit training. One general describes his army meditation practice as “doing pushups for the brain”.















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Smoke Clean/
Fresh Bongs

Smoking pot is getting more and more sociably accepted. As a result, marijuana’s negative and criminal connotations are evaporating. For example in America, it is the first time that the pro-legalization vote outnumbers those against legalization. Voices of (medical) marijuana advocates are commonly heard in the media. More and more people start to believe in the positive effects of the green herb and it’s medical value. Cannabis even reached the status of the New Superfood.

Smoking organic pot, with a fresh, all-natural bong, seems to give the right sexy edge to a contemporary lifestyle of health, fitness and wellness:























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E-cig sensations 99% harmless

For our DazedDigital column we wrote an article about the aeshetics of e-cigs and their post-net vibes


Coffee, ice-coffee, Internet, honey and sambal are the first things which pop up in my mind when I’m asked about my addictions. I don’t consider myself as an addiction sensitive person. This is confirmed by the fact that I am an occasional smoker for over 10 years. A cigarette, with a drink in my hand, is my delightful sin, my casual revenge against “good sense”. It’s Saturday and tonight, I won’t smoke, I will vape.

While writing this article, I’m vaping an electronic cigarette. The ‘e’ in front of ‘cigarette’ is caused by the virtue of writing this article. Finally I bought one, it’s two years ago that e-cigarettes made it to our inspiration folder. As our eyes are focused to find paradoxical, twisted and ambiguous matters, it did not take much time for these battery powered healthy cigarettes to grab our attention. We noticed that e-cigs are being dissed as counterfeit ciggies but cancer sticks simply aren’t the future, in the twenty-first century we better serve our addictions in a healthy way.
As artists, we are obsessed with the future and genuinely attracted to visionary technology. We’re always looking for high-tech implications in all different places. What especially excites us is the technological liberation of the user, in this case the smoker.

We find expelling the (e-)cigarette too simplistic, smoking is part of humanity. Since ancient times, people do smoke in one form or the other. Also, state restrictions of personal habits have always freaked us out and prohibitions always made things only more fascinating. E-cigarettes allowed smokers to keep smoking their nicotine but this time without tar and 40 other evils. Currently, most medical professionals rate e-cigarettes as 99% harmless. So we can say that technology updated the old cigarette and made the damages smoking caused disappear.
Medically and morally, Smokers have longtime been demonized. In spite, or due to that, I frequently found smokers very sexy. It excites me to see an attractive smoker sensually inhaling his/her dangerous smoke while he/she knows that the cigarette is self-destructive. I find it exciting how smokers are taking risks for short lasting pleasures and satisfactions. Smokers provoke, break rules and they reveal an alluring human weakness. While smoking, they, at least the pretty ones, look naughty and decadent with a dreamy intellectual touch.
I don’t want to be nostalgic, thus I would like to go beyond the dark attraction of unhealthy smoking and move on to the safe plastic glow stick. E-cigarettes, their shiny steel tubes and LED lights, have their own cybernetic charisma. I also find it so powerful how an e-cigarette can transform a no into a yes: they don’t stink up your breath, brown your teeth, wrinkle your skin nor do they kill you. Their appeal is functional instead of romantic, perfectly in sync with our current obsessions with efficiency.

What about their artistic functions? Electronic cigs fit with cutting-edge dandies, post-internet aesthetics, tight and healthy bodies and other contemporary sensualities. They have a certain renewed sensation, a robotic one that combines the attraction of machinery with the notorious, inherently sexy, oral fixation. I like the sensation of the clean technological water-vapor around my face. It’s sexy and smart how the e-cigs separated the addictive part, the nicotine, and vanished the destructive parts like smoke and tar.
Some people consider an e-cigarette as the wimpy counterfeit of a cigarette but an e-cig has its own controversial and paradoxical badness. It’s ‘evil’ how the e-cig, disguised in a steal jacked of high tech luxury, continue the vaper’s nicotine addiction. But let’s be honest, bad habits are not only evil, they’re functional, they provide us with inspiration.
I would like vaping to become more innovative. Although I have sympathy for the artificial and mimical look of the current e-cig, I still find them too heavy and plastic. I want my personal vaporizer to be unique, light-weight and easy adjustable with my mood and style choices of the day.
Besides the possibility to choose between flavored e-juice like menthol, marlboro, organic piña colada or bubblegum, I would like to be able to optimize my nicotine hit with anti-wrinkle vitamins and teeth-bleaching breath refreshers. When I exhale, I would like the color of the vapor, aka my new hydrating face mist, to display my mood. This way the problem of anti-smoking fanatics with e-cigarettes “re-normalising smoking“, would also be solved. Meanwhile, I’ll stay an occasional smoker and an incidental vaper, waiting for the next big e-cig update.

For vapers with an indulgent lifestyleE-cigs design inpired by bullets

An iPhone inspired e-cig

My e-cig wardrobve

Stephen Dorff rose from the ashes

E-ciggy skin design

The jewelled ECM bling

From mojito to president e-juice flavour

Organic e-juice is the new nicotine

99% harmless

Outfit-matching glowing e-cigs

The Playboy Classic comes with a USB charger

Diamonds are a #VaperGirl’s best friend

LED enlightened nicotine fix

The ‘e’ from ego and electronic

A harmless throat hit

Fab starter’s kit


For vapers with an indulgent lifestyle

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There is someone for everyone

A look at 11 (real!) niche dating sites from around the Internet.
This compilation is made by Allison McCann for Bloomberg Businessweek.

Cougar Life 4,000,000 users
the average age of a cougar is 39, while the average cub is 29.


Sudar Daddie 3,000,000 usera
The average Sugar Daddie relationship appears to last four months, as indicated by the gap between users logging off and signing back on.


Beautiful People 750,000 users
6.5 million peole apply for membership each year, only one in eight is accepted.


Farmers Only 250,000 users
The fastest growing number of users by crop crown: wheat. The top state by number of female members who can drive a tractor: Missouri.


Geek2Geek 200,000 users
Top male user interests include video games and computers; females prefer film and fantasy. The site’s most active from 2 a.m. to 3.a.m.


Tattoed Singles 1000,000 users
The average number of tattoos per user: 7. The oldest member is 82.


Cupidtino 30,000 users
The first dating site for Apple fans: Users can log on only via Apple products


Purrsonals 15,000 users
The average number of cats per user: two. Users are 70 percent woman and 30per cent man.


Crew Dating 5,000 users
Where pilots and flight attendants go to find love. most dates occur on land.


Waiting Till Marriage 4,000 users
Born-again virgins account for 5 percent to 10 percent of members. The other 90 percent are actually waiting till marriage.


Scientific Singles 3,5000 users
Ninety percent of users are employed as scientists; the other 10 percent are merely hobbyists.

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iPhone app trawls friends’ FB 4 sexy pics

A new iPhone app called Badabing is designed to quickly find bikini photos of your friends on Facebook. On sale in the iTunes store for $1.99, the Badabing! app uses some sort of image-recognition technology to work out which of your friends pictures show the most skin.

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Air NZ Safety instructions video

After making the LARP blog post, we ran into this news item!!!!!

Inspired by the upcoming movie, “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey,” the video features a party of hobbits, elves, wizards, dwarfs and cameos from Gollum and native New Zealander, director Sir Peter Jackson.
It’s the latest in a series of creative ANZ safety videos that have included fitness guru Richard Simmons replete in a sequin tank top, and a Rugby World Cup themed video starring a cast of All Blacks players.
“Passengers appreciate the lighthearted and entertaining approach we take to delivering important safety information,” said Jodi Williams, ANZ’s head of international marketing.
“It’s noticeable that on an ANZ flight they sit up and take notice during the pre-flight briefing — expectations of this part of the airline journey have certainly been heightened.”

The text is taken by the CNN website.

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Soft Power Ballad

The illustration we made for Bloomberg Businessweek.
The article covers Ruhan Jia, the Chinese popstar sponsored by the government to become a world-wide pop star. Very interesting article. You can read it at here.

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Religious iphone apps

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US National TXTing Championship

An annual competition to find the fastest thumbs in America

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P&V Inside story: Artist impression

We decided to give away a Pinar&Viola secret, artist impressions.
We’re both freakin precise when it comes to an exhibition set-up. First we reconstruct the entire exhibition in the online digital realm, then apply it on the offline physical space. First 2 images are from our Ecstatic Surface Collection 2011, The Credit Card Collection. The 3rd and the 4th belong to our second collection, Diva Opaque, Anonymous Guardians of Intimacy and the last 2 are from Open Portraiture.

Currently we’re bust reconstructing the space at Pilevneli Project, where our Ecstatic Surface Collection 2013 will be launched in September 2012. We’ll reveal more secrets sometime soon.

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Breathable delights

Inhale your desert: 0 calories, 0 regret. Sipping and chewing is so passé.

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