Pinar&Viola is hiring

Happy new year and happy new beginnings!!! ?

As Pinar&Viola, we have some news
We are hiring  ?
1. A creative project manager 
2. A mega intern

In 2016, we are expanding our studio in Paris and that is why we are looking to hire a creative project manager. CPM of Pinar&Viola, it sound more corporate when we brand it with caps, right? : ) And someone else to be our mega intern

Or a friend of you?

For the project manager, we are searching for someone who is a bit maybe more serious than us but loves to have equally fun. Someone who is very good in English and French so than he/she can help us reply with emails, applications, preparations to lectures, workshops and running the studio. This does not have to be full time. Part time, like 3 days a week, but full time is also an option.
We say creative project manager, because we want to work with someone who is witty in mind, to be able to write the way we create. Decadent and generous while being relevant yet cutting edge.

And as for the mega intern, please feel free to fill in the definition of mega by expanding your own imagination. Fun, fatale and needless to say a very good designer… Someone who would like to be the 3rd Pinar&Viola in design, to be able to make our sketches come alive, but also assist us with his/her execution input from different programs, like 3d, video, programming or any other geeking away qualities.
French speaking could be awesome but not necessary, we highly appreciate when people come from overseas as well.
Our studio is located right across centre Pompidou in Paris.

Thanks for sharing
Hugs, Pinar&Viola

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