Modern Island Nymph #summerinspiration

An impression of Friday’s Island

Friday is an Australian 62 years young lady who lives on an island in the middle of the South China Sea. Her goal is to inspire people to give the body, mind and soul more loving kindness. She enjoys the rarest kind of pristine, quiet life, relaxed and free of timetables and schedules. Friday’s rare quality lifestyle is all about ‘simplifying’, free of clothes and toxic baggage: No alcohol, no cigarettes, no clothes, no shoes, no make-up. She swims, snorkels, sun-bakes, practices daily tai chi and yoga, jogs and dances on her beach as often as she cares to. Her daily diet is one of coconuts, tropical fruits, veggies, green leaves and herbs, all right from her own garden. Friday lives like this since 27 years.

Friday lives a polyamorous lifestyle. A handful of opened-minded, healthy men have been washed to her shores. Out of these encounters, evolved several beautiful long-term polyamorous relationships. Friday calls her men ‘Robinson Lovers‘. They also finically support her to maintain Friday’s Island. Her Robinson Lovers enjoy priceless sequential nurturing time, with only the purist of intentions and respect, sharing paradise separately around 1 month each year.














For Friday, an average day looks like this:

5 – 5.30am : Wake up – just after sunrise
Conch call – yoga, tai chi and/or chi gong, meditation, then swim/snorkel back to clubhouse
8 – 8.30am : Breakfast Drink Noni eggnog (noni fruit, aloe vera gel, egg, coconut).

Chat with staff and later or work on a project.
10.30am : Breakfast Papaya (or other fruit) with spicy sauerkraut and green leaves.

Chat with staff and later work on a project or possibly work in the kitchen.

1.30 – 2.30pm : Daily Clay Bake (weather permitting) then swim.

Chat with staff and later or work on a project.
2.30 -3-30pm : Main Meal: Salad, green leafy veggies, sauerkraut and seaweeds, maybe some fish or egg.

3.30 – 5pm : Pampering Daily Massage Time
5pm – 6pm : Coconut snack of spicy sauerkraut green juice

Chat with visiting friends or relax.
6pm – 7.30pm : Run and/ or yoga/tai chi, then swim in the phosphorescence or under the moon.
7.30pm – 9pm : Coconut snack, green juice or bowl of soup, maybe a glass or two of kombucha.
Work on a project or watch a movie. Early to bed.

Pictures and information taken from Friday’s website

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