Square ’em all

A selection of app logos which tried hard to fit it all in a square

Now, everyone who owns an iphone or any smart phone are just spoiled with all the smartness of the apps that is contained within. There is an app for almost everything, be it photo filters, music scanner, e-book, recipes, newspapers from all over the world, games, texting, video calls, fitness program and so on. However, have you noticed? The tiny little logos that fill up the walls of your mobile phones are squares with rounded corners? Can you imagine how much devotion has been put into turning all sorts of subjects, objects or activities into these little symbols? Even the fundamentally rounded basketball is transformed into a litte square. How much further can we go?

applogo12 applogo13 applogo14 applogo09 applogo04 applogo16 applogo15 applogo01 applogo10 applogo02 applogo20 applogo17 applogo11 applogo05 applogo07 applogo06 applogo19 applogo03 applogo08 applogo18 applogo21

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