Political Playboys + BYOB

Political Playboys mirrors today’s aestheticized politics, which seems to lean to entertainment. Politicians, especially the charismatic ones, tend to have a driven and vain nature which seeks power and adulation. Political sex scandals are the perfect fit in our entertainment time spirit. This led the border between the exterritorial politicians and the folk to narrow.
With the social network frenzy, juicy news spread quicker and the unavoidably entertained us with their (fatal) embarrassments. 

The animation ‘Political Playboys’ uses the visual and textual language of digital folkloric web porn banners and wants to contribute to the discussion on the popularization, dramatizing, personalizing and tabloidizing of the political discourse.

Political Playboys was exhibited at the Bring Your Own Beamer show at W139 in Amsterdam. BYOB is a series of one-night-exhibitions hosting artists and their projectors, curated by Rafaël Rozendaal.

BYOB participating artists:
Aukje Dekker, Anika Schwarzlose, Champagne Valentine, Ewoudt Boonstra, Eline Mul, Elza Jo, Father Futureback, Helma van Nuenen, Jonas Lund, Katja Novitskova, Kristy Fenton/Foom, Sterling Crispin, Matthijs van Henten, Maurice Trouwborst, Melanie Bonajo, Miktor & Molf, Nicole Martens, Peter Luining, Pinar & Viola, Sasa Ostoja, Simon Wald Lasowski, Wyne Veen, Max Werner & Lucy McRae.

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