Other ecstatics: collage euphoria

Olaf Breuning:

Olaf Breuning is a Swiss-born artist, now living in New York.
Breuning squirreled away popular culture references that he would later effectively employ in his pieces. He cites as influence everything from sci-fi to horror via Vikings and haunted houses. His photographs, installations, and films feature a recurring vocabulary; face-painting, eyeballs attached to inanimate objects, long cheap wigs, naked breasts or direct movie allusions.


Olaf Breuning


Enlightenment is an art collective from Tokyo, formed by Hiro Sugiyama, Shigeru Suzuki, Kaname Yamaguchi and Fumitaka Tanaka.
“Happy people can make good art. We express that positivism. The themes of artistic works don’t have to be problems”. In their collages, Enlightment is inspired by station kiosks, the streets and bookshops.


Seiko Kato:
Seiko Kato, originally from Japan, lives and works in Brighton, England.
She creates hyper detailed surrealistic collages while exploring life and death.


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