“Prints and garments that revitalise and celebrate the sacredness of nature.”


The way fashion designers launch collections where they showcase the near-future of clothing, our studio yearly launches collection where we showcase the near-future of images. Followed by our artist statement about our devotion to social and planetary justice, for 2016, we digitally crafted a collection of rebellious visuals fabricated into unique fashion statements.


Year 2016

Collaborators Dice Kayek, This is Chorus, POAM, Jasper Griepink, Ordinary Magazine

Exhibited at 12 Mail Gallery Paris, Coming Soon NYC – New York Textile Month, Dice Kayek Pop Up Store – Catherine Houard Gallery Paris, Dutch Design Week and Istanbul Design Week.

Photography Wendelin Spiess

Main investors We would like to thank Creative Industries Fund NL and Arhan Kayar for their generous support.



We made this print after holding a ceremony with the Kaxinawás (Huni Kuin), indigenous people of Brasil, where we combined nature and various eclectic textures with their vibrating healing prints. Australian fashion brand This is Chorus used it to make a Kimono-robe ensemble.