Couture Digitale

Forecasting future trends and inventing new visuals

Artist duo founded by Pinar Demirdag and Viola Renate in 2009
Creators of desire, through beauty and wisdom


IKEA, Adidas, Nike, MTV, Koché, Bloomberg Businessweek, Rhizome / New Museum NY, Diplo MAD Decent, Seranit Group, Bols Genever, Dazed, VPRO, Cobra Museum and Stedelijk Museum.


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Pinar&Viola Studio thanks the following people for their contribution: Amandine Boiteux, Roxanne Gatt, Bérengère De Thonel d’Orgeix, Gui Machiavelli, Ondine Jung, Damien Girard, Christine Gogev and Nais Kinet.


Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Barbara, USA
Panatom Gallery, Berlin
Gallery 12 Mail (Redbull Space), Paris
Ideas City Detroit: New Museum, NYC
Spring/Break Art Show, Armory Arts Week, NYC
ArtCOP21, COP21 Art event in Paris
Rhizome, New Museum, NYC
Auto Italia South East Gallery, London
Kesselskramer Gallery, Los Angeles
MOTI, Museum of The Image, Breda
Gender Design Conference, Hong Kong
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Cobra Museum, Amstelveen
Grafisch Museum, Hilversum
Istanbul Design Week
Dutch, Tokyo, Dubai and Istanbul Design Weeks
Pilevneli Project, Istanbul
Nuit Blanche, Paris
Paradiso, Amsterdam
Lowlands Music Festival, Netherlands


Our artworks are generously supported by The Dutch Government since 7 years. We have been nominated to several funds to foster our vision and unique signature.


Paris, November 2015

Media is filled with news proving our failures of respecting each other and the planet where we live in, meanwhile, engaged individuals and organisations are doing their effort to raise global awareness for all the challenges we face. One could argue that this engagement may be a trend, because tendencies come and go, yet profound caring for nature and one and other, is something you can’t ignore once you realise its current cruciality and its universal truth.
History has shown us that in times of hardship, people are more fuelled than ever for a positive change, with accompanying hope for a better life and new values in our society.


As Pınar&Viola, we have a fantasy.


We imagine a future fuelled by social transformation, where people think critically and are able to make ethical choices in all areas of life.


We fantasise of the day where we all recognise that everything is interconnected. We lead our actions not through power and ego, but in such way that we treat our fellow humans and nature as respectful as we treat our closest friends.


We imagine a future where, the more we will be driven by technology, the more we strive for knowledge and for the recognition of the sacredness of nature.


We imagine a future where we choose wisdom over given information, community over consumerism, and deeper healing over false advertising,


We imagine a future where instead of quantity, we choose quality, resulting in sustainability. And we would like to make this fantasy through the tools that we master. The tool that is so everywhere yet ungraspable, the tool that everyone has access to yet it seems that no one has the patience to elaborate…


The image.


The tool that has, and currently is, being used to mislead masses.


Over the last few years, as two young female entrepreneurs, we went through a lot of change in our personal and professional life. We learned the power of speaking out for our deepest believes, of letting go, of losing control which opened up other levels of awareness and new sensibilities emerging in us and in our work.

Two years ago, our fascination for defining future trends and fashion made us incline towards Paris. Thanks to the generous support of the Dutch government, we made an ample move from Amsterdam to Paris, and started operating our studio in between these two cities. While trying to make a space for ourselves in a city of pride and prejudice, we learned the beauty of being selflessness through the mysterious and spiritual nature of this city.


Since then, our antennas are directed towards new design systems which embrace nature, silence, permaculture, planetary awareness and radically practical solutions which are needed to conquer the global challenges that we face. We heightened our social and planetary engagement in our personal life, which is reflected in our work as image makers.


Currently we are working on multiple projects, including our new image collection. The image collections we launch yearly showcase socially engaged future concepts, cultural tendencies and image making techniques through various mediums. With time, the launches of our image collections became events which combine design and image innovation, where people from our sector come together to see what is in the future of image making. Our former collections include Healing Prints, Family Special-Polyamory, Love Message Service, Scandal Aqua and Diva Opaque.


We are releasing this statement to let you know that the next Pınar&Viola Image Collection, will be a devotion to create an irresistible invitation for a more just and humane future.


The ground basis of our work lies in being critical and speak our minds to foster a positive change in society. As an artist duo we have been using the charm of the image to make people overcome their prejudices, unify and make them fantasise about planetary justice. As two creative people ‘living a healthy and balanced life’ in a world were there is a lot of misery and inequality, we feel the urge to reflect trough our work on the despair in the world. With our current socio-political awareness, even more than ever, we feel the urge to create a rebellious positive message.


This “état d’esprit”, which is an idealistic demeanour in itself, is/will not only be visible in our collection, but will also shine itself through our current and next client work and our upcoming exhibitions.