Inspired by Magic Leap and how we’ll experience real-life VR in the future, our studio designed the world’s first holographic catwalk for a virtual fashion line, showcased on a real model, during Mercedes Benz FashionWeek Amsterdam in July 2016.


We believe that people buy, throw, and mistreat their clothing because we do not feel connected with the inanimate objects around us. Thus, through animism, we gave life to the fashion line of Amber Jae Slooten by adding facial characteristics and interactions between the dress and the model.


Year 2016

Collaborators Mercedes Benz FashionWeek Amsterdam and Creators Project (premiere)

Investors Edge Company, Mercedes Benz FashionWeek Amsterdam, TMG, Jack’s


Directed by Pinar & Viola

Hologram concept & virtual design Amber Jae Slooten

Choreography Kim Vos

Performance Nelle Swan

Sound design Ambassadors

Stage fabrics Showtex

AV design Jurlights

Stage design Custom Events

Computers Magic Bullet

Animation Pinar & Viola and Roxanne Gatt

Motion Capture Suit Fashion & Technology Lab HVA

Animation of the motion capture Nuformer

Concept, art direction & product¡on Peter C. Leferink

Production Manager Nike Zuilhof

Pinar&Viola’s producer Amandine Boiteux

Documentation Photography Peter Stigter

Made possible by Edge Company, Mercedes Benz FashionWeek Amsterdam, TMG, Jack’s

Works ofAmber Jae Slooten, virtual fashion designer that we worked with on this project.