We partnered with Google Duo & Gboard teams to create over 20 different augmented self expressions, including, hello, bye, I love it, oops, thank you, miss you, good night and wow. We added extra filters with contemporary themes such as I need a hug, singularity, glitch in the matrix, soul and stuck in my phone. Only one of these 20 sketches came alive, the rest remained in their elaborate sketch form.


Collaborator: Google Mountainview Duo & Gboard teams

Have you ever fantasized how the emotions of “good bye” would look?

Or those of “Hello” “I love it” and “WOW” ?

Take the limits of 3D reality away, what would happen to your face when you say OOPS??

These ones below comes straightly from our own fantasy.
1. Visualization of indecisiveness using AI to determine your feelings, where the graphics would adapt accordingly.

2. Glitch in the Matrix (Yes! We <3 Wachowskis)
3. The meta-you

And how about turning you into a sexy devil when saying “NO” ?