Rich West African women dress in clothing made with “genuine African” textiles. In fact, they are manufactured with wax printing technique by Vlisco based in The Netherlands. Our dearest terror pattern shaman Michiel Schuurman is among the brains behind the amazing Vlisco designs.
The product is cloth that is similar to batik and worn inside out prominently displaying the label “Guaranteed Dutch Vlisco Wax.” Because this textile has a special status. Since early in the 20th century, Vlisco has controlled the African market by smartly presenting the cloth as an African symbol of power, beauty and wealth and by using local businesswomen to market the product. As a result, some of these women have become exorbitantly wealthy and when one is seen riding around in her Mercedes Benz luxury car she is known as Mama Benz.

This post is made possible by Michiel Schuurman

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