Anna’s hyper zone

“The form of the Ensemble is my offer of interaction. It appears to some to be subjectivist, autistic, monomaniacal. And yet I would like to be a mediator between the different disciplines, between reason and sensual perception, between art and science, between ordinary citizen and outsider.” Anna Oppermann

Ensembles is the title that German artist Anna Oppermann (1940-1993) gave to her large-scale installations, they are a special mix of conceptual, processual, graphical, and spatial art.
Oppermann saw the world and human relations as “Ensembles,” as mutable constellations of perception and reflection, of norms, stories, emotions, and theories. Observing her private and social everyday life in detail, she sought to find objects, images, and concepts that seemed to her to encapsulate its abysses, absurdities, and areas of conflict. She made drawings, photographs, paintings, described what she found, she collected texts and quotations, and arranged all these components in Ensembles. These installations were photographed from various perspectives and in changing constellations and the photographs were then in turn integrated in new stagings, lending her works their unique openness.

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