Hey y’all, Gui here. Pinar&Viola asked me for a guest post on the 4chumblr wars, something I was more than happy to write about.

One year ago, the fogs of war came to the internet. Tumblr users stepped into one of 4chan’s trolling territories. The /b/ros and anons declared war on the blogging platform which they saw as a hub of annoying 16-year-old meme-stealing hipster girls. For days 4chan launched attacks against Tumblr and filled it with porn and gore and gore porn; Tumblr fought back by filling 4chan with adorable kitties, lots and lots of adorable kitties.

As with most things internet, the war was shortly lived. The peace deal was signed off with the creation of 4chumblr: two characters in constant sexual tension, teenagers with overflowing hormones. The foreveralone guys of 4chan as a green man in a black suit, the hipster Tumblr girls as a fashionable blue haired young lady.

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