Good Things Come To Those Who Sweat #DreamPT








Fantasy and renderings from Boomgts.

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The New Plus Size


















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#HeelConcept SpringSummer15















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From the Cave

Timeless VS Ephemeral

While crystal browsing we found these timeless VS ephemeral size references on








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A heartful thank you to the Netherlands!


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War and Peace
(of Mind)

Is the Buddha still laughing?

“Mindfulness-Based Mind Fitness Training” or “M-Fit” was designed by former U.S. Army Capt. Elizabeth Stanley. She discovered the power of inner piece when she started doing yoga and meditation to battle her posttraumatic stress disorder.

Mindfulness can help war fighters think more clearly under fire when they are often forced to make quick decisions that could mean life or death, and help them reset their nervous systems after being in combat. The M-Fit training improves the soldiers’ emotional health and their mental performance under the stress and strain of war.

Mindfulness and meditation comes from a 2,500-year-old buddhist tradition and is rooted in ethics and nonviolence. Meditation practice has always been grounded in an understanding of karma: our actions make a difference. In the recent years, Mindfulness has exploded into an industry that ranges from the monastery to the military. Soldiers, prisoners, managers and office workers are practicing mindfulness. A growing number of businesses are learning that employee satisfaction (read: a peaceful mind) and employee productivity go hand in hand.

The use of M-Fit in the American Army is based on a growing body of scientific research indicating that regular meditation alleviates depression, boosts memory and the immune system, shrinks the part of the brain that controls fear and grows the areas of the brain responsible for memory and emotional regulation.

Most soldiers like the M-Fit training. One general describes his army meditation practice as “doing pushups for the brain”.















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Modern Island Nymph #summerinspiration

An impression of Friday’s Island

Friday is an Australian 62 years young lady who lives on an island in the middle of the South China Sea. Her goal is to inspire people to give the body, mind and soul more loving kindness. She enjoys the rarest kind of pristine, quiet life, relaxed and free of timetables and schedules. Friday’s rare quality lifestyle is all about ‘simplifying’, free of clothes and toxic baggage: No alcohol, no cigarettes, no clothes, no shoes, no make-up. She swims, snorkels, sun-bakes, practices daily tai chi and yoga, jogs and dances on her beach as often as she cares to. Her daily diet is one of coconuts, tropical fruits, veggies, green leaves and herbs, all right from her own garden. Friday lives like this since 27 years.

Friday lives a polyamorous lifestyle. A handful of opened-minded, healthy men have been washed to her shores. Out of these encounters, evolved several beautiful long-term polyamorous relationships. Friday calls her men ‘Robinson Lovers‘. They also finically support her to maintain Friday’s Island. Her Robinson Lovers enjoy priceless sequential nurturing time, with only the purist of intentions and respect, sharing paradise separately around 1 month each year.














For Friday, an average day looks like this:

5 – 5.30am : Wake up – just after sunrise
Conch call – yoga, tai chi and/or chi gong, meditation, then swim/snorkel back to clubhouse
8 – 8.30am : Breakfast Drink Noni eggnog (noni fruit, aloe vera gel, egg, coconut).

Chat with staff and later or work on a project.
10.30am : Breakfast Papaya (or other fruit) with spicy sauerkraut and green leaves.

Chat with staff and later work on a project or possibly work in the kitchen.

1.30 – 2.30pm : Daily Clay Bake (weather permitting) then swim.

Chat with staff and later or work on a project.
2.30 -3-30pm : Main Meal: Salad, green leafy veggies, sauerkraut and seaweeds, maybe some fish or egg.

3.30 – 5pm : Pampering Daily Massage Time
5pm – 6pm : Coconut snack of spicy sauerkraut green juice

Chat with visiting friends or relax.
6pm – 7.30pm : Run and/ or yoga/tai chi, then swim in the phosphorescence or under the moon.
7.30pm – 9pm : Coconut snack, green juice or bowl of soup, maybe a glass or two of kombucha.
Work on a project or watch a movie. Early to bed.

Pictures and information taken from Friday’s website

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My letter to Turkey

My silence towards Turkey should not be interpreted as an act of ignorance yet as a deliberate action of not willing to contribute in an apolitical discussion where scandals, lies, and corruption weights more than the violation of basic human rights.

How can I contribute when our prime minister replied “these are rumors full of slander” after being proven to smuggle millions of $ since 11 years. I am a 28 years old artist working with the Internet, in Paris, why am I spending the years of my youth on a matter where my actions cannot have immediate consequences? I feel asphyxiated drowned and caged. Internet, with its transparency and democracy helped to under thrown corrupt governments of our neighbors. Currently our prime minister is taking gradual measures to slow down (literally) and eventually ban the internet. This was my tipping point.

I recently watched a BBC documentary on the Ottoman Empire which made me understand why all this is happening to my country and the rest of the Middle East. Separation in a nation is something that all countries had their fair share in. However there is something very special about my country, Turkey. We are the kids of the biggest empire ever existed which ruled all across Asia-Europe and Africa during 600 years. Ottoman Empire was respected by the lands they occupied and feared by the rest of the world. Like we know, the feeling of superiority works like heroine, isolates you from the rest of the world and this eventually ends up killing you.

While Turks created a comfort zone for the lands of today’s Turkey, Lebanon, Iraq, Egypt and Syria with a “you live, we govern” policy, the west developed in economical technological, educational terms and had the enlightenment.
While Ottomans though they were safe within their empire, the west invented gunpowder and defeated them. Turks’ long faith was brought down by their provincialism.
This resulted in the creation of new countries with autocratic governance. Turkey was lucky enough to have a leader like Ataturk, however Iraq, Egypt and Syria wasn’t. The ones who ruled were the ones who found the oil. Because of being shadowed out under the Ottomans, they did not have the possibility to discover democracy. In my opinion, the recent uprisings in the middle east were not only people against their governments, but also a cry for the search of a political identity for their own culture.

I believe my country is going through the same. Ataturk could save Turks by establishing strong secular rules where Muslims did not feel welcome, and since I was born, I feel like as secular girl, now I am the one who does not feel welcome in her own country.

My cry here is not one of “us the secular” and “them the religious” but more a fantasy for a prosperous country where we can co-exist,
A turkey which is so special that it does not want to fit in any other form of governance and is strong enough to invent an enlightenment for Islam.
A country having a version of islam with a mini skirt next to it.
A country which is open minded enough to create a muslim opera.
A country where football hooligans divide the country in two but not gender, faith and religion.
A country where quality weights more than quantity.
A culture where we are not only famous with our kebab and beaches in the West but also with our tolerance.
And the Arabs do not only visit our country for luxury and shopping but also for our culture.
A country which finally understands that one of its greatest singers, Zeki Muren, was not only a gentleman but also a gay man.
A country where the journalists spend more time in their office than in jail.
A system which finally understands money can never bring Olympics, but tolerance could.
A country where the faith for unity, like the one that Nelson Mandela created for South Africa, can overrule the current system.
And a youth can finally see other meanings in the words justice and development, other than muslim and money.

The current situation in Turkey leaves me and my friends with any other feeling than being useless influence-less and powerless, but I have my fantasy and no one take it away from me.

Pinar Demirdag, of Pinar&Viola

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Smoke Clean/
Fresh Bongs

Smoking pot is getting more and more sociably accepted. As a result, marijuana’s negative and criminal connotations are evaporating. For example in America, it is the first time that the pro-legalization vote outnumbers those against legalization. Voices of (medical) marijuana advocates are commonly heard in the media. More and more people start to believe in the positive effects of the green herb and it’s medical value. Cannabis even reached the status of the New Superfood.

Smoking organic pot, with a fresh, all-natural bong, seems to give the right sexy edge to a contemporary lifestyle of health, fitness and wellness:























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Dead Pixel Gallery

In the 80s, being a pixel used to mean something. Pixels were significant; one pixel would form the eye of Pac-Man and a few pixels together would shape Mario‘s notorious moustache. Since then, screen resolutions increased and pixels became midgets. Today nobody wants to notice pixels anymore, technology turned them into invisible cells. Though, sometimes, one of the 4 million pixels on our screen dies and displays us “nothing”, only the material reality of our screen.













Here you can find some tricks to bring dead pixels back to life.

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P&V Sweatshop

To install our last show, Blue Jeans On Thin Ice, we were in Los Angeles for two weeks. Essential elements of this new installation were 62 denim teddy bears. One by one, we crafted the bears by hand in our own, LA based, denim sweatshop. This terrific amount of craftsmanship was done under the supervision of the amazing Christi Baquet.

This post gives a glimpse of all hours spend in the making of the Blue Jeans On Thic Ice teddy bears. We could only achieve the beautiful result thanks to the help of these unforgettable people: David Charles, Melinda Gorham, Christi Baquet, Malvin Wix, Sean Costello (= the builder of the shooting gallery), Lady Karson, Noah Paul, BULLETT, Michelle Watson, Nico, Emi Tamaru, Joanna Rosso, Kali Nikitas, Gabe, Jeroen, Mike Gamms, Remy Brixton and the entire KKLA Family thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! <3





















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Allergic to
modern life

For our Dazed&Confused column we investigated the sci-fi extremes of electromagnetic sensitivity:

An EHS statement piece

We, Pinar & Viola, just like the rest of our generation, consume and produce on the internet. Our laptops are the extension of our hands. We can work anywhere as long as we have our laptops and a fast connection (you can keep track of us on Instagram here).

But it seems the times we used the internet as a means of escape are over. Instead, more often than not, we’re trying to escape the internet. As an artist duo, we are kind of internet-tired: no more browser buttons in our work. This probably has to do with the mainstreaming, and subsequent overkill, of post-internet aesthetics. We feel like closing our digital windows; we’re longing to touch the real-life earth with our bare feet, leaving our phones in airplane mode. But what if that’s not enough to discharge ourselves?

EHS symptoms range from acute headaches, skin burning, muscle twitches, chronic fatigue and other 21st century malaises

Imagine a day when you develop an allergy towards the internet, your iPhone, or even worse, your brand new Galaxy S4. Imagine that data-roaming and scrolling through Instagram makes your skin itch, while tweeting leaves a metallic taste in your mouth. With red, irritated eyes, you find yourself changing your FB status: “Electromagnetic hypersensitive.”

Electromagnetic bathing
Electromagnetic hypersensitivity sounds like a futuristic nightmare but, for a group of people, it is a RL status. Electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) might be a new malady or maybe an up-to-date, hypochondriac conspiracy theory. What many of us don’t realise, though, is that the radiation we’ve been exposed to over the last ten years has been hundreds, even thousands, of times higher than in our pre-wireless age.
Scientists agree that electromagnetic fields are dangerous at high levels, but it’s kind of agreed that the low levels emitted from our devices are safe. However, institutions like the National Cancer Institute now acknowledge that more research regarding our recent “electromagnetic bathing” is needed.
Electromagnetic fields, like o.a. GSM and wi-fi, cause electromagnetic hyper-sensitives a wild range of symptoms. According to sufferers, EHS symptoms range from acute headaches, skin burning, muscle twitches, chronic fatigue and other 21st century malaises. It’s a fascinating, electro-phobic cocktail of anxiety and science-fiction spookiness.

As “normal people”, we don’t realize that our society is actually an electro-dictatorship where it is impossible to escape from man-made radiation

To date, EHS has gained little acceptance from the medical and scientific community. As there is no specific medical test for it, all EHS sufferers are self-diagnosed. Nevertheless, the number of people around the world claiming to have EHS is growing. Similarly, research into this controversial condition is increasing and EHS charities are fighting to get the surreal malaise officially recognized. Sweden is the only country where EHS is recognized as a valid medical condition, while the rest of the scientific world laughs or waits for more evidence.

But just because there’s no evidence (yet) doesn’t guarantee that something doesn’t exist. Plus, these kinds of weird, sociological phenomena can be very intriguing. Plumbing through blogs, we dug into this modern folklore-meets-conspiracy theory. What we discovered was electrifying!

Radiation-proofing a bedroom

The survival methods of electromagnetic hypersensitives are bizarrely thrilling. As “normal people”, we don’t realize that our society is actually an electro-dictatorship where it is impossible to escape from man-made radiation. Electromagnetic emissions, known to EHS suffers as electrosmog, are beaming at us from every corner: radiation, 24/7.

EHS sufferers are only safe in a reclusive rural life, in tech-free fortresses where it is impossible for electrosmog to creep in. It’s sad, but the most extreme EHS sufferers claim to have no choice but to live in a Farady Cage.
For desperate electromagnetic hypersensitives, their condition demands creative solutions. Some EHS solutions resembles a neo form of Art Brut. They look like visionary creations, reflections of our own excessive lives and paranoia. Cool, pure silver relieves wifi-burn the best. Their inventions are harsh and drastic, with an obscure poetry.

The shielded lives of EHS victims are extreme extrapolations of the influence that technology exerts on our lives

Lightning-proof fashion
Many EH sensitives dress with an uncalculated, atypical sophistication, their aim to bounce the radiation right off. EHS fashion is dramatic and evocative; forceful looks of oversized spy-wear couture. In their outfits, the mystical and the militant blend seamlessly, their layers of futuristic monochrome silver tones powerful enough to knock out submarine radar. Outfits are finished with EHS accessories like silver plated beanies, foil-lined brain coats and grounding gloves. SS13’s metallic trend fades next to the utility statement pieces of the electromagnetic hypersensitive.
All electromagnetic (EM) protective fashion, with a shielding effectiveness of 99.99%, is made out of high-tech textile with fine weavings of silver wire. Crafty EHS sufferers weave metres of EM-shielding fabric into wifi-proof curtains and bed-cages. On several websites you can find many more EHS products: computer and cellphone shields, shielding paints, foil-lined wallpaper, earthling products, radiation detectors, educational kits… The list goes on.

Technological ignorance
The shielded lives of EHS victims are extreme extrapolations of the influence that technology exerts on our lives. In their wifi-free minds, they merge the philosophical with the factual (some, for instance, believe that PCs literally fry your brain). It’s obvious that electromagnetic hypersensitives are eccentric, but their bizarre theories reflect on our common future: their self-diagnosis is an amplified version of the stress we face with our ‘always on’ lifestyles.

Silver mesh with a shielding effectiveness of 99.99%

A radiation-free telephone

An example of electromagnetic-proof fashion

#wiwt Radiation proof beanie

A tech-free fortress home

Chakra stones for mobile phones

Cool comfort from electro-magnetic rays

Protection from modern life


Electrosmog free beds

Fashion forward and electrosmog free

Grounding iGloves

A handsome radiation blocking shirt

Radiation-proof silver is the new black

Radiation shielding rooftop

Silver wifi shield

Stylish electromagnetic hypersensitive Sarah Dacre

The chic and radiation proof Sarah Dacre

Your personal radiation protector

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